Your Purpose is a Holy Pursuit

Your true purpose is nothing less than a Holy Pursuit.
It is Holy, and it’s an actual Pursuit.

You need to know what you were born to do, who we were born to be, who to run with and what to steer clear of if you are going to excel in this dicey time in society, at this pivotal point of history. Things are changing and your true purpose and vision will adapt according to God’s plans and your response.

(That purpose or vision statement you may have on the wall or in your plan? well it’s not one and done)

So why do people spend so much time, money, and effort in attempt to find true purpose?
What did Jesus know about purpose that you need to tap into?

Jesus knew His purpose… and used it like a knife to cut through distraction.

[Tweet “Distraction is the undercover enemy of your purpose.”]

He was in a tense situation after coming out of the wilderness and at the very beginning of launching His public ministry.
He was moving in power like He hadn’t before and people wanted what He had. He set out to find a secluded place no doubt to process things with His Father, but instead Jesus found large crowds searching for Him. His purpose informed and empowered His answer to the crowd pressing Him to stay on with them longer than the appointed time.
His voice rose above the crowds as he boldly claimed:

“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.” Luke 4:43

Hear those key phrases Jesus spoke?
“I Must…”
“I was SENT…for THIS Purpose”

Knowing your True Purpose will help you with these three benefits :

  1. Galvanize you through the chaos to cut a path forward for yourself and others ( desperately needed as we read morning daily news of shootings, floods, confusion …)
  2. Leverage and makes sense of the lessons of the wilderness so you can work with these lessons to launch you forward (rather than allow the wilderness to define you or hold you back)
  3. Propel you through all the noise and clamor to bring your best to the situations where God has divinely placed you.
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THIS is your time to Shine.

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