Your Obstacle is an Opportunity in Disguise

Your Obstacle is an Opportunity in Disguise

Face your biggest obstacle to reach your biggest success.

God has called you to greater things…and yet you may wonder, when? where? how?
Some wait for their big opportunity and ignore the fertile training ground of today’s challenges.

Tackling obstacles on a daily basis is the best way to be prepared for the day where you find yourself on a stage, in front of your own Shark Tank opportunity, or in the room with your next major business partner.

Will you be ready? If not, today is the day to get ready!

Here are 3 ways you can take advantage of real-life opportunities you may be overlooking.

First, Identify your biggest obstacle and face it. No matter what it is, you will need to move beyond your own doubt, the accusations of others, or the enemies that threaten to take you down. [Tweet “Real destiny journeys demand facing real giants.”]

Secondly, make your personal success plan and commit to these powerful tips from the life of Joseph.

  1. Keep a short list of offenses and forgive quickly.
  2. Become humbled in the prison season.
  3. Refresh your gifts by using them where you are.
  4. Keep your pipeline to the Lord open with prayer and journaling.
  5. Decide to: [Tweet “Show up ready to go in every season.”]

Thirdly, remain ready to offer your gifts and services any time the opportunity presents itself. By serving well the one God places in front of you today, you will be ready to stand before higher authorities in the future. Replace all pride with humility. Go low to go high. Show up boldly to the table where God brings you without a selfish agenda and you will position yourself for success.

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