Why Are You Stuck?

Why Are You Stuck?

If you knew what to do, wouldn’t you have already done it?

I sat across the table from a good friend last week eager to hear how she was doing.

The internet startup she founded was flourishing, last time we talked and I expected glory stories to tumble out of her mouth as we sipped good coffee. But as I looked at her tired face, my heart sank. She was struggling to enter a new market and the ravages of long days and nights showed in the lines around her eyes. I knew it before she said a word.

“Linda, I know I’m in over my head.  Even though I’ve been successful before, I’m having trouble making it happen again.  People are constantly pulling on me and I hate to tell them no; endless meetings with people I really do like are eating up my time. What should I do to get my focus back? How can I get on track to manage my own life and business? Where do I draw the lines?”

This is not an unusual story. The faces change, the scenarios are different, the distractions vary, but the questions remain essentially the same:

“How can I get my focus back? How can I execute the necessary steps to make things work? Where do I draw the lines?”

Notably, these questions are asked by intelligent people whom I greatly admire. They are asking the right questions and yet practical answers evade them. Smart people have blind spots too.

A scripture from Isaiah 30:20 assures us that following times of adversity and trial, help will emerge in the form of a teacher..

“Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them..” Isaiah 30:20 NIV

3 Steps to Get Unstuck

#1 Align with Your Teacher

Sometimes we need a person with skin on to come along and show us the way. When looking for a teacher, mentor or coach, look for someone who has overcome obstacles, has current success, and who is application oriented.  When you are ready to be taught, it is amazing that you can find the teacher who reaches you, whose voice speaks to you with clear instruction for learning, and who opens a path you can travel.

Authenticity in a teacher is key and humility is essential. You will become like your teacher in many ways so don’t ignore character flaws just because the person is cool and knows some things.

#2 Put the Right Tools to Work

When you are ready to get unstuck, you will also be ready to put the right tools to work in your life. Don’t disregard a tool just because you tried something similar in the past. Search for a few tools that will help you get your success moving and support you to sustain your progress. Productivity tools should serve you

#3 Travel with Your Tribe

Finding your tribe is essential. Tribes allow for diversity but have common core values and beliefs that sustain them hard times.  You won’t succeed alone like you can when you do life and work with your tribe. There’s a reason Jesus poured into an inner circle of 3, trained a team of 12 and brough impact that changed the world forever.

Working with a teacher makes the difference. Oh, about my friend… She has enrolled in our program for leaders just like her where the teaching and coaching is relevant and on point, the tools are making sense, and she’s gaining traction with her True Tribe. She’s beginning to see what she couldn’t see before and making progress.

What about you?

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