What two women can teach us about the favor of God, and the impossible becoming possible

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 HCSB

It strikes me on Christmas Eve that the verse I’ve quoted so many times is found in the Bible in the context of two women God touched to make the impossible possible.

Neither of the two women should have been able to conceive a child. It was impossible.

Mary was a virgin.

Elisabeth was barren.

Yet, God had a different idea.

Mary was approached by an Angel who told her she would be overpowered by the Holy Spirit and conceive a child. After asking “How can this be?” and hearing God’s answer, she agreed with the promise. “Be it done unto me.” Luke 1:38

An Angel told Zacharias that his wife, Elisabeth, would have a child; in his doubting response he described his wife as  ‘stricken in years’. The disagreement he spoke out of his mouth opposing God’s message caused the angel to close Zacharias’ mouth so he would not speak again until the child was born.

What is it you long to give birth to that seems impossible today?

Being a woman, I resonate with this powerful account because when a woman says “Yes” to conceiving a child it requires more than lip service. It requires that she incubate a seed of life within her body. The seed of new life is within a woman for about 9 months. The new life is carried changing the shape of a woman’s body, felt when the kicking starts, nourished with nutrients from her own physicality to grow the child until the day of birth.

In due season, the woman’s body goes through a birthing process that takes over her body as the new life comes forth.

Giving birth to the dreams of a life require a similar yielding of all that we are and all that we have:

  • Our lips must say ‘yes’
  • Our body has to cooperate with the favor of new life in the physical, do the work of bringing forth a dream,  carrying a dream to fulfillment.
  • Our mind and spirit are required to agree with the new life, bringing new birth into reality through prayer, pondering, contemplating, pushing past fear, and celebrating as new life is born.
  • Our hearts have to contend for the impossible when we bear reproach and risk our reputations to believe.  Mary had to confront Joseph hoping he would believe her magnificent story of conception; others would accuse her of being pregnant out of wedlock. Elisabeth bore the social disgrace of being a barren woman in her old age and yet rejoiced that God had favor on her even in her advanced years.

God loves to show favor on a heart that believes despite the circumstances.

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Mary was “blessed because she believed that their would be a fulfillment of the word the Lord had spoken.” Luke 1:45

These beautiful accounts illustrate what occurs when God makes the impossible possible.

The lessons of birth changing the impossible to the possible are the same for a man as they are for a woman.

I had not noticed the context of the Luke 1:37 before this Christmas season.

I see now it’s no small thing that Luke included this life-giving verse in the context of two women whose bodies hosted new life which should have been impossible.

Elisabeth gave birth to John the Baptist of whom Jesus said    “ Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist.” KJV

Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Savior of the world.

What impossibility do you see today that God would make possible?

Will you speak in agreement with God’s promises with your own lips, cooperate in the physical toil and work to grow your dream, think thoughts and prayer prayers that will usher forth your now possible dreams according to the work of God and the Holy Spirit within you?

What is your baby?

Do you have a business to birth?

A book to write?

A statement to make?

An idea to manifest?

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 HCSB

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