Unprecedented Chaos calls for Unprecedented Courage in Action

Unprecedented Chaos calls for Unprecedented Courage in Action  

I’m writing this blog during what is being called the worst natural catastrophe in American history…


This is a Daniel 11:32 moment in history when people who know their God are taking action, doing great exploits.

Leadership in this hour calls for courage in action to respond to the devastation Hurricane Harvey has left behind on an epic scale affecting every sphere of society. And it’s not going away overnight.

Governor Abbott told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” on Monday August 28, 2017  that he expects the aftermath of Harvey to be “horrific” — a mess that will “take years” to rebuild.

To date, 50 inches of rain have been recorded.

The Dallas News reports that battered Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, plays a crucial role in the energy, chemical and shipping industries that reaches well beyond its metropolitan area. Texas’ Gulf Coast is an economic powerhouse, accounting for roughly $600 billion in annual economic activity. Though Harvey’s full toll won’t be known for weeks, it’s already expected to rank among the nation’s costliest natural disasters.

An example of courage in action was demonstrated this week by The Cajun Navy which began in 2005 when Louisiana government officials called on their citizens to volunteer in rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina.  Since Katrina, the Cajun Navy has used boats and amateur volunteers for similarly dire situations, including widespread flooding last year in the Navy’s home state. They hooked up their trucks, trailers, and fishing boats and  came to help Houstonians in trouble.

A Houston mother of three experienced their mercy first hand after repeatedly posting her plea for help on social media. She and her children were stranded on the roof of a two-story home.  When Iashia Nelson, 36, finally saw a boat bringing them to safety, she said her emotions overcame her. “I was so emotional I couldn’t hold back my tears, I was crying,”

Courage in action does not depend on a cookie cutter approach. You can’t always depend on yesterday’s systems  to answers for today’s problems…

In times of chaos, sons and daughters of God must find divine insight, access wisdom by the Holy Spirit to spring into action with courage when they might otherwise be quaking in their boots.

We look to God’s word for inspiration.  I believe these heroes and heroines of the faith have something we need to think about:

Like Moses, I believe the individuals who will save people in dire need will turn aside to hear God’s voice.  Moses turned aside to see what the burning bush was all about. He’d never seen this before. When he peered into the fire, God called His name and gave him instructions to save his people.

Like Daniel,  today’s leaders will trust in God for their identity and success rather than social structures. Security in God makes us desire to pray and willing to fast to hear from God no matter what our surroundings may be.

Like Esther, these individuals are humble, resilient and know when to listen to voices of wisdom. Esther listened to her cousin Mordecai when she found herself in unfamiliar territory in the castle and learned protocol that would make her a wise Queen. In the end, she found herself in a divine assignment and saved her people.

Like Joseph, those who find courage will demonstrate forgiveness to those who have betrayed them and in humility be willing to save them in their own hour of need. Joseph’s response to  the brothers who sold him into slavery demonstrated great love and forgiveness as he wept uncontrollably when he spotted them years later in the bread lines he had organized to feed the people during a famine.

Lastly Deborah was a woman who led in a culture where women were not welcome in leadership. Yet a woman who was a judge, heard God prompt her to meet with a military leader and challenge him to fulfill God’s call to battle, was also willing to Go with him.

She mounted a horse and rode into battle with Barak.

It’s time to get up and go demonstrating the uncommon courage called for in these unprecedented times of chaos.

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