True Authority in Your Power Alley

True Authority in your Power Alley

Have you had the experience of sitting in a meeting or a luncheon
where no one’s paying much attention to the voices at the front,
you become aware of side conversations in polite undertones, and your mind begins to drift?

But then, a man or woman walks into the room,
And somehow things shift…
and immediately the newcomer seems to owns the room.

No one announces their arrival,
They aren’t on the program,
Yet when they walk through the door all eyes turn their way.

People are attracted to the new personalities in the room.
They seem to have a magical effect on the atmosphere as they make their way through the room ,
They make genuine eye contact with each one they encounter,

A personal comment is uttered directly to each one who shakes their hand even if momentary encounters.
As they glide through the crowd an affirming sense washes over others that makes each one feel truly valued, seen, loved.

So what is this phenomena?
Can it be learned?
Is it a ‘natural’ emotional intelligence you either have or don’t? Is it an anointing? How do you get it?

True authority has nothing to do with a job description or a title and everything to do with learning how to live in your power alley. Confidence of identity enables you to carry God’s presence into any situation–literally changing the atmosphere.
In our scenario the newcomers were walking in true authority. They operated in humility and love and it affected each person they came near.
How do you find your power alley?
By knowing and claiming your identity in God, going on a mission to know your God better today than yesterday, and doing life from this special place.

You can’t fake presence; that’s pretense.
You can’t take authority; but you may earn it.
You can’t manipulate identity, but you can discover it and change your life.

Take some time today to describe your best day of operating in your power alley. Think about how this feels, what happens when you see others as those to be valued, and how you too can shift the atmosphere in any situation.

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