Through the Fire into Promotion

I was surprised…

at the title the editor chose for my recent interview with Charisma:

“From Fire to the Boardroom”

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Then I thought, that’s exactly it. We all walk through a fire of some kind
to move into the promotion.

The difference is that some focus on the fire, let it define, and often
stop them. While others learn the lessons and let the experience
fuel them.

You’ve probably come through a fire or two this year –– in a
relationship, your work or business, finances, health, or some other area.

Three things to consider:

  1. What happened? (Describe the fire.)
  2. What’s the blessing, the gold from the experience?
  3. What did you learn and will do differently as you prepare for what’s next
    in the new year?

The holidays can amplify pain. Praying through what happened and
looking for the blessing can help.

Then invite God in and let it go.

Here’s the Charisma article:

Love and Prayers,

Linda Fields

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