This Year is Begging You to Show Up.

WHAT IF 2020 is your year to…

  1. Put Legs to Your Dreams.
  2. Realize you don’t need to wait for permission because you’ve got it!
  3. Take ownership of your calling at a new level.
  4. Start showing up differently.
  5. See yourself as a contributor at any table.
  6. Start to serve and lead like never before.
  7. Quit looking to others for what only you can do.
  8. Make your action plan come together.
  9. Begin to see the fruit of your labor and the answers to your prayers.
  10. Access the help you need and want to bring your dream into reality.   

If even one of these thoughts helps you realize it’s time to move forward with your dreams, then I invite you to click here and register for Breakthrough BOOTCAMP2020. 


Your destiny requires your cooperation.
Your God invites your partnership.
2020 begs you to show up in a new way, and we can help.

Imagine if even one of the 10 things I listed happen for you, how will you feel? What will others experience when you begin owning your destiny at a new level? The possibilities are amazing! 

So click, register, and come get the support you need to bring your dream to reality in just a few weeks in beautiful Branson, MO with me and the team: Breakthrough BOOTCAMP2020  

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

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