There’s Still Time for the Victory!

CHIEFS KINGDOM CHAMPIONS PARADE is today and Kansas City is in a buzz expecting over 1 million people to show up.

I love to celebrate good things when they come around. The more the better 😉 We celebrated a friend’s birthday by watching the Super Bowl together.

Victories matter.

One reason why is it’s always a fight, isn’t it? The Chiefs fought for this victory.

Things didn’t look good in the 4th quarter with the Chiefs behind 20 to 10. With 7 minutes left, it would have been so easy to give up. Looked like game over!

Although, instead of unplugging, they rallied scoring 21 unanswered points to pull out a 31 to 20 victory!

The crowd exploded because everyone likes to see a team come from behind to win.

Have you found yourself where you’d like to be by now in your life with your goals? Maybe you feel like you’re in the 4th quarter and nothing can change. I’d love to suggest the opposite. It’s not too late to pull it together.

3 Points for Action:

  1. Never Give Up – Get on your knees and sign up again today.
  2. Stay in the Game – Write down 1 thing you can do today to play at your best.
  3. It’s not over yet… – Describe what victory looks like for you, and send me a short email about it.

I’ll be celebrating the Chiefs today. More importantly, though, I’m celebrating you, your life, and your goals.

Watch for my email in the next few days about how to stay in the game, and get your Breakthrough. You won’t want to miss this.

Celebrating you today,

Linda Fields
P.S. Go Chiefs!
P.S.S. Go YOU!

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