There’s Still Time…⏰

We’re in it!
2020 is happening and the cement is still wet!

You can still make important decisions after Jan 1st to shape your future (and your body 😉 )
…I just got back from the gym doing my spin class again, and I feel great!
(tomorrow might be rough, but I’m committed!)

Point is there’s still time to set your best path for success in this next 12-36 months.

There’s an opportunity to shape your direction and the trajectory of what your life will be about
coming up this week…

It’s important to acknowledge here at the beginning of the new year some things that will create
your path to what’s next for you. You may want to write a book, start a business, learn a new skill
or sharpen the ones you have.

Did you check the ” all of the above” box? 😉

So easy to get distracted by all the new shiny possibilities.
How many dreams do you have on the board?

It’s time to pick one area for action in this next season.

It helps to have a framework to identify the possibilities and narrow your FOCUS so you can move
to action…purposeful action.

Each year I do a webinar to help.

This week I’m presenting 2020 Next Level [pre-Bootcamp] webinar to help you make sense of what
you want to accomplish next.

In this webinar, I’ll announce programs for 2020 to help you choose a level of service from me ranging
from online to in-person, hands-on BOOTCAMP weekend. The main thing is to get your next step lined out.

Doing nothing leads to frustration, unfilled dreams make the heart feel sick…
and dreams fulfilled are a tree of life! (That’s what Proverbs 13:12 says.)

Notes for action:

  1. Make a bullet list of the shiny objects 😉 you’d love to accomplish
  2. Request your FREE webinar invite at this link:
  3. Check your email for access! (Yes, we’ll record it for you too.)

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

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