The FOCUS Challenge for the Spiritual Professional

Like you, I’ve been thinking about the effects of the isolation, the information overload… it’s overwhelming, right? I just told Rick how I miss certain things we took for granted before COVID-19…

Simple things like eating at a favorite restaurant, lingering with good coffee and conversation, the ambience and experience of a night out…

That seems changed forever. 

It’s a small thing, but we loved it.  

So now we dine on our own patio (do pray for my cooking skills to improve!)  

I know this is really nothing compared to what many are going through. Truth is we are all searching for a new pace and a new rhythm of life and work.

So, I decided to launch the LINDA FIELDS FOCUS CHALLENGE 

…to help our community get above the overwhelm, and make real progress in this environment.  

I’m going to unpack little known secrets of how to navigate through hard times to move forward anyway complete with stories, tools, and values/gold nuggets you can use immediately. 

It’s free. You just need to join the group at this link to participate: LINDA FIELDS FOCUS CHALLENGE

It’s a great time to come together in our need, with our vision, in the midst of challenge… It’s what Spiritual Professionals do. Join me?

Click here and request to join the LINDA FIELDS FOCUS CHALLENGE group:

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