The Perfect Blend for Success

Here in Texas… home for the holidays 😉
Family and friends, a little work, and lots of fun!

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So far this week…

Monday: Charisma podcast interview,
then some real Mexican food. Ole!

Tuesday: Coaching Day

Wednesday: Rick-man arrives… YAY!

Plus, every day, another item checked off my
get-ready-for-Christmas list!

Seems like I’m living off hot almond milk lattes from 151 Coffee.
…definitely not your typical coffee shop.
The music is loud, the people are fun, and the brew is amazing.
They’ve found the perfect blend of coffee and culture and people love it.

Speaking of brewing and blending…
The big thing years ago was “work/life balance.”

Then people started talking about “grinding” and “hustling.”

The demands of work and the desire to be with family and friends
or have a life seem to clash on our calendars
–– especially this time of year.

People think it’s got to be one or the other but not both.

Successful people learn how to craft the perfect blend for success any time of year,
to get the work done and still have the time to enjoy family, friends, travel, and more.

You can too.

It begins with the right mindset and a few simple tools.
I’m leading a special webinar in January to help.

Right now, here are three questions to ask to prepare for the upcoming holiday week:

  1. What must get done today for the holidays to work out well?
  2. What’s one action to take with friends or family?
  3. What are your most important work priorities to complete by Friday?

Make your list,
Check it twice.
Then, get it done this week to make the holiday nice!

Love and Prayers,

Linda Fields

P.S. What does 2020 hold for you?

Join me for a special “Prayer Plan Your Year” webinar on January 9th.

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