The FOCUS Challenge for the Spiritual Professional

Like you, I’ve been thinking about the effects of the isolation, the information overload… it’s overwhelming, right? I just told Rick how I miss certain things we took for granted before COVID-19… Simple things like eating at a favorite restaurant, lingering with good coffee and conversation, the ambience and experience of a night out… That seems changed forever.  …

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Call for Josephs to Arise

What’s your Joseph Story? God is raising up an army of Spiritual Professionals (Josephs) for this next great movement of the marketplace right in the middle of the COVID19 crisis. This means YOU! Joseph suffered great loss, accusation, and harm yet emerged as the leader God destined to help others in the hour of need.  He had …

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Own Your Greatness

Growing up as a PK, … I felt pressure to please and perform. 🎧 Listen to this message The church board, deacons, and the few people who tried to monopolize my Dad’s time by complaining anddroning on about what was wrong, instead of all the good… You learn to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk even at a …

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5 Ancient Secrets

for God-Made Success
in the World Today

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