Introducing the New Masterclass – Why Does it Matter?

Times like this pandemic can throw you off …and that’s perfectly understandable. You are facing some challenges, and yes things have changed.  When you think about your life plans and goals do you have what you need to overcome the resistance and move forward? It’s what you do daily that will position you to win the bigger battles, yet you must …

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Call for Josephs to Arise

What’s your Joseph Story? God is raising up an army of Spiritual Professionals (Josephs) for this next great movement of the marketplace right in the middle of the COVID19 crisis. This means YOU! Joseph suffered great loss, accusation, and harm yet emerged as the leader God destined to help others in the hour of need.  He had …

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The Power of Belief

Rick-man and I went to dinner and a movie last night to celebrate some news. We just needed to kick back and enjoy conversation and good food (salmon pesto and other delights).  The movie? Dr. Dolittle, a children’s tale of a doctor who could talk to animals and solve their problems. 🙂 Soon we were sailing the sea aided by a …

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