SHIFTing Your Future in the Midst of COVID-19

Everything has changed.
It’s time to SHIFT… into the new future.

Liquor stores are turning gin into sanitizer, drive-through is the new thing,
We’re cleaning… well, everything! From our hearts to our cupboards to our marketing plans.

Little did I know when I called for a “marketplace transformation” (landing on the cover of Charisma Digital Magazine in December 19) the scale of transformation we would find ourselves in just 90 days later.

God is about to do an amazing work in the marketplace through entrepreneurs.

His work is holy and he’s deploying his sons and daughters to SHIFT into new opportunities serving the people who are scrambling for answers as a result of COVID-19.

Here are 3 Steps to help you SHIFT your thinking and become a key part of the solution:

  1. Update your life assignment (biz or job) in light of today’s new world. What do people need? What pain are they facing? How can you SHIFT to answer the need? Or Is this your moment to do something totally NEW?!
  2. Re-work Your Plan. Be smart with your down-time and re-discover your calling and identity to focus on what matters now.
  3. Take Action. What ideas are you thinking it’s time to advance in this new day? Or are you stunned and need some creative CPR? It is overwhelming to deal with what some are calling the ‘new normal’ as well as plan how to live “post COVID-19”.

In response to this need we have SHIFTED our Breakthrough BOOTCAMP2020 to ONLINE instead of canceling. Check the stories and register over at:

It’s going to be ok. Even better than that 😉

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

People are registering for BOOTCAMP2020 now. We are equipped to bring this event to you ONLINE Saturday, April 18. Register to discover how you can be part of the marketplace transformation at:

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