Setting Goals for the Second Half Of Your Year

Setting Goals for the Second Half Of Your Year

You set a big goal or resolution. You’re passionate about the possibilities.

Then, life happens.

You look up, and it’s six months later. You’ve made some progress, but not nearly what you imagined.

Setting Goals for the Second Half Of Your Year

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Setting Goals for the Second-Half Of Your Year


Is it June already? I can’t believe we’re almost at the half year mark.

Are you on track with your goals?

Today, three simple keys for setting goals that make the rest of your year the best of your year.

1. Review your goals.

Begin by asking yourself three questions: what worked, what didn’t, what did I learn?

This is not about beating yourself up. It’s about gaining clarity to move forward. Take time to celebrate the wins and learn the lessons.

Things change. Some of your goals need a tune-up. Others need to go. Don’t be afraid to scrap a goal that no longer makes sense.

2. Reorder your priorities.

What’s important now? Which opportunities and relationships matter most?

It’s important to make room in your life today for your future.

Ever notice how much stuff you accumulate in your home or office? You don’t realize it until it’s time to move to a new place. It’s the same way in life. The physical and mental clutter becomes an invisible chain around your neck. It weighs you down, adding unnecessary stress to your life. The commitments that seem like a good idea in the moment end up stealing time away from what matters most.

It’s time to press the pause button, reconnect with your larger vision, and complete or clear out anything that’s in the way.

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3. Revamp your plan.

Now that you’ve cleared the way for a fresh perspective, it’s time for a meeting with your heavenly CEO. I call this “prayer planning your life.”

Remember the example of David in the Bible? He inquired of the Lord for plans and strategy. The same God who helped David cares deeply about your daily life and battles too. But we must invite Him in.

How to Prayer-Plan Your Life and Work (Mid-Year Edition) is a simple action guide to help you get started in a conversation with God about your goals for the second half of the year.

Click here to down load your free copy of :Prayer_Plan_Your_Life_-_How_to_Mid_Year_Version


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I encourage you to schedule time this month to review your goals, reorder your priorities and revamp your plan for the second half of the year.

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11 thoughts on “Setting Goals for the Second Half Of Your Year”

  1. Great article and action guide. I especially like the point about scraping goals that no longer sense. Thank you!

    1. Ann, I wish you the best on revamping your goals.

      I’m glad you are benefiting from the article and putting the action guide to good use. Let me know how it goes!

      Your Coach,


  2. This message is guiding me to the right track with Him again. Interrupted by “disastrous issues” (God’s big blessing always in them), we do need to go back where we need to be. I will invite God into my plans, big or small. Thank you, Linda!

    1. Hannah, Glad to hear you are on the right track with God and Your Goals. That’s a great place to be. I hope your rest of the year is better than you even dreamed it could be. Keep up the good work.

      Your Coach,


  3. Amanda Stothers

    Thank you Linda for the wonderful Kingdom-building things you’re doing for those of us on the Mountain of the MarketPlace and our ministry there. 2016 is certainly MY year! I’ve loved being on the KickStart calls each Monday. I’m using each Monday’s content to improve and change my thinking. I’m and really enjoying learning to “live as if” – choosing to be shaped by my ideal future life imagined before me. I’m excited to work with the Prayer-Plan Your Life guide. Powerful.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you so much for providing your feedback about the Monday Morning Kickstart calls. I believe your ‘changed thinking’ will be a great blessing to you and to your clients this year. Bravo!

      Your Coach,


  4. Love the reassessment of goals at the 6-month mark, and the freedom to scrap goals that are no longer working for us. Also I love the question, “What worked?” Looking back, I see that setting a schedule REALLY worked for me!! And I see social media as a potential distraction. 😉 Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kelsi,

      It’s great to hear that your new schedule is working out well. You are a smart woman to learn to leverage social media to your advantage; you are right on about it being a potential distraction like so many things. I love how you are not afraid to address challenges and master them in community with our MasterMind group. Good Job:)

      Your Coach,


  5. We are engaged in a market place where the rate of change is constantly accelerating. Taking time to engage God and gain His insights for our second half is critical. This is a well structured guide to engage Him and ask the questions we should be evaluating.

    1. George,

      Thank you for modeling well what it looks like to manage change and respond in wisdom. Appreciate you.

      Your Coach


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