Secrets of the Spiritual Professional

Do you often ask, “What’s it Going to Take?” Or do you find yourself listing all you don’t have and concluding…“This will never work.”?

Ever notice what a difference a picture frame can make? I purchased a world map at the bookstore and it looked like any other world map. Lines, continents, water coordinates… Then I put it in a fabulous gold frame and had a masterpiece to hang in my study.

The map was transformed from a mere academic poster to a beautiful work of art in much the same way, we frame concepts with our words every day.

We frame a situation by painting the dire circumstances, the graphic needs, the money we don’t have to make it happen, and talk ourselves into a pit of despair. This dream never has a chance to succeed because we’ve surrounded it with all we don’t have and killed the vision before it was ever born.

Yet, we frame another situation with opportunity all around.  We begin to catch wind of the possibilities, what we bring to the table, who can help, what progress will be made and before long the tradewinds of opportunity carry the dream into reality.

When we begin to shift our thinking from the dire need to oh-the-possibilities we launch vision to the next stage. My vision of changing the impact Christians have in the marketplace is so big, though at first, quite a daunting prospect.

But then… after casting the vision repeatedly, praying about the vision, proclaiming the vision to those ready to hear, the gold frame of humanity has begun to form around the vision… one spiritual professional at a time.

I can see it happening person by person.

  • A first grade teacher this week reported in that she is choosing language that gives parents hope about their child’s possibilities when conducting a parent-teacher conference.
  • An attorney frames a case with solutions for her client that will pave the way for a productive future.
  • A musician crafts a new guitar form and shape in his garage; then with only 8 days notice debuts his new design to the world. A change has been introduced to the Christian music industry.
  • A coach with years of wisdom and life lessons from his own family pain meets with a client who begs him to meet regularly ‘face-to-face’ and share with her how to live life.
  • A construction company owner sees the future of building a leadership team with vision to leave a legacy in his region and begins to Prayer-Plan his company.

I could go on and on.

But it’s your turn now…

You are invited to be part of this story transforming the understanding and expression of Christianity in your marketplace. I am astounded to watch a movement rising up as individuals realize their calling is not selfish, not made up, not too late, and not derailed… but that each and everyone has a part in the story to form this chapter of history where professionals take their spiritual lives to work with them and in so doing, bring change to the planet.

It’s time.

[Tweet “Will you re-frame your language in terms of the possibilities? When you do, you will change your future and begin building a legacy that will outlast you.”]

It’s time we stood on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. It’s time we raised the platform for those who are coming after us. What is possible beloved for you?!

Fill in the blanks:

When I, ______, do this:_________________________,  the results will change lives, businesses, cities in this way:

People will move from_________ to ____________.

Click here to download your template, fill it in, then post it by your computer or in your office where you will see it every morning.

One of the things President Donald Trump has done is to give people permission to dream again. No matter your political convictions, Jesus has given us all the audacious invitation to dream and dream big. Jesus commands us to Bear Much Fruit. I’m looking for men and women ready to take that invitation and run.

Is that you? I bet it is.

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3 thoughts on “Secrets of the Spiritual Professional”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I long to see my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ take a stand and declare the heaven that resides in each one of us into our everyday lives. Instead of talking about what our natural eyes see let see with our God given eyes and begin to call forth those things which are not as though they are! Let’s take risks to declare we can suede the direction and course of country, our earth, our world! We can be portals of Heaven into earth! We are children of God! Let’s start acting it in word and deed!

    1. Kathryn,
      Thank you for your insightful response. It’s exciting to be part of the solution rather than prolonging the problems where we live and work.
      And to think it can all start with a word of blessing and hope.
      Linda Fields

  2. We actually believe what we say (“out of the heart, the mouth speaks”, “faith comes through hearing”…), so when we speak out declarations of where we want to be (“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” Phil 4:20), it aligns us to walking in that truth more fully. The more we declare it, the more we believe it.

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