Road Signs for the Final Stretch 🚧

So I’ve got my new Texas office set up (sorta!) and I’m taking a moment… to regroup. 

Most of 2020 has been absorbed with reacting and responding; now we look up to find we’ve crossed the line into the home stretch — 4th Quarter of the year like none other – 2020.  

Acknowledging that life is hard, different, challenging is important; we’ve all done that and we’ve grown tired of talking about it.  It’s time to move on, but how? 

I found part of my answer this morning in Jeremiah 31:21 which says this: 

“Place for yourself road signs; make for yourself guideposts; turn your thought and attention to the highway, to the way by which you went. Retrace your steps…Return…”

In this final stretch of 2020, put up your road signs for living and travel the path you know to be right regardless of what else happens.

I got out my Prayer Plan Your Life™ Journal to revisit the road signs I wrote at beginning of the year just now. (You can call them values or beliefs; road signs show you’re on the path of life.) Here are the ones I recommend for all Spiritual Professionals:

  1. Pray – Live and work from a place of prayer
  2. Humility – See others and lift them up
  3. Generosity – Share resources without an expectation of return.
  4. Prophetic Understanding – Hear God about your life’s purpose in His storyline for perspective that keeps you centered. 

My friend if you got blindsided by 2020, know that it’s not over yet. I invite you to take a moment to put up your own roadsigns to remind you of the way of life that matters. 

Having a good tool makes all the difference and saves you valuable time in the process. The tool I’ve created as a result of my own journey and search for meaning and productivity is called Prayer Plan Your Life™

I bless you for a strong finish in 2020.  It’s not too late to regroup; Home stretch victories await those who re-engage. You in? 

Love and Prayers, 

Linda Fields

P.S. To plan your 4th quarter 2020 get your tools and my bonus masterclass to walk you through the process in 5 lessons when you purchase your Prayer Plan Your Life Journal TM. Click the blue link to learn more:

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