RESET for Optimum Performance

Have you been in the room when the person who has it all together walks in?  All eyes turn to watch the one who is mentally sharp, has a plan, looks the part, and speaks with confidence to move things forward. You instantly know they are SET for optimum performance.

Likewise, we’ve all been in the room when a person fumbles their way in, is running behind, doesn’t appear so sure of themselves, and upon first impression you know they have not SET themselves up for success.

What’s the difference?

The truth is both have access to more information now that at any other time in history.

They may be equally educated. They are different personality types.

Yet the distinguishing factors are that one knows what to do with the information they have, how to package it, how to voice what matters, and how to execute while the other one simply hasn’t invested in themselves to do the homework. It’s real work, but it’s awesome to find you power alley and become transformed to a more credible version of you.  It’s not only awesome, but entirely possible.

I believe it is a time for every man or woman to RESET for Optimum performance.

Life is demanding, challenges are great, obstacles are real, yet opportunity waits for the one who is transformed, regenerated, renewed, reorganized, reconstructed in a life changing way.   But how?

While we sleep our computers and phones automatically update with the latest bells and whistles, clear out errors in the code, and install the new and improved operating system that will greet us in the morning (even if it feels a little awkward at first)… but after all, we know we’re protected from viruses and malware and it’s all better…  new and improved.

And yet, personally, we need to RESET our very lives and goals while fully awake and engaged in a process. We need the time and space to make room for thinking and organizing required to support a personal/professional reset so we can do life more strategically, optimizing the opportunities ahead.

We find that just like our phones get cluttered with no longer useful apps, we too take on things that begin to occupy our mental and spiritual bandwidth when they remain in our lives past their intended purpose and time.

Part of my calling is to create the opportunity in a busy and chaotic society to RESET: deciding intentionally how people will choose to live moving forward. What got us here will not take us into the future well. It’s a different day, a different set of circumstances, and things are constantly changing.

  • RESET is to acknowledge current reality and set a plan for the times in which we live.
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  • RESET is looking to the future with confidence.
  • RESET is a dynamic connection to the source of wisdom, access to counsel, freeing bandwidth to decide what matters and confidence to execute.  Without execution, we fool ourselves and waste precious time and energy.
  • RESET means having everything you need to make today’s best decisions with clarity and the power to act upon those decisions.

I watch to support men and women who know they are called by God to transform their workplaces, solve problems in the world, worship Jesus wholeheartedly, pray hard, and speak with the wisdom and confidence of all heaven to do great exploits.

“You will find true success

when you find me,

for I have insight into wise plans

that are designed just for you.”  Proverbs 8:14 TPT

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