Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Horrified at yesterday’s report of the death of George Floyd. Heartbreaking. 

In the outrage and talk about changes that must come, my heart hurts and my mind races to the ‘How’ questions. How can this even happen? How can things be different? How can we get there? 

The only answer I know is repenting to God and to each other and becoming the Solutions God put us on earth to become to each other. Beyond posting and praying, or should I say praying and maybe posting, what about the becoming and the doing? 

Part of the Problem or the Solution? 

In my observation we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. It works kinda like this: 

People have life experiences, interpret those experiences in a certain way, take on beliefs about what things mean and develop a life operating system to overcome a pain, and… ultimately find a purpose worth the pursuit. Those who have searched it out with God have a hope of changing the world in certain ways. 

My focus on influencing society in a transformative way calls for a bottom up approach… beginning with your own heart… 

Some attempt movements and large causes without doing the heart work. You can’t skip the heart work and make any difference that lasts. In a time like this everyone is crying out for justice, and we need to see justice. At the very same time, I invite you to work on you and your life operating system and plans that help you become part of the solution every single day.   

A Story about my Brother 

At a time in my life when my brother, Danny, was very sick and very sad, I fervently prayed Psalm 68:6 over his life: 

“God places the lonely in families; He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.” 

I prayed for someone to take my brother in and to care for him. Sometimes you are the answer to your own prayers. I was able to take my brother in for the last weeks of his life and the family he was set in was mine. This was my honor, I got to become part of the solution I cried out for. It’s time to become the solution to the pain that cries out in our world every single day.    

Here’s your Call to Action: 

  1. Pray for our hurting friends
  2. Become part of the solution (ask God how?)
  3. Live intentionally with a life operating system guided by the Holy Spirit. 

I’m a believer in intentional living and it’s what I love to do. God wired me to think strategically, to love passionately, and to bring many into the fulness of what it is to know God and take meaningful action with Him. Life is too short to do anything less. 

Love and Prayers, 

Linda Fields

P.S.  I’d love to hear how you will become a greater part of the solution. Email and let me know.

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