Own Your Greatness

Growing up as a PK,

… I felt pressure to please and perform.

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The church board, deacons, and the few people who tried to monopolize my Dad’s time by complaining and
droning on about what was wrong, instead of all the good…

You learn to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk even at a young age because everyone’s watching…
We had a code language (squeezing of the hand) which meant we needed to “straighten up.”

There were certainly more blessings than problems
yet we all have to decide what to keep and what to shed from our upbringing.

It’s natural to want to please others and try to live up to their expectations.

But the pressure to please and perform in your business or career
can pull you into unnecessary stress, overwhelm, and burnout –– especially when you’re successful and others look to you for leadership.

Everyone assumes that success is a kind of superpower that automatically
transfers from one thing to another.

Right habits will give you a better chance for success in anything you
do, but just because you’re good at “x,” it doesn’t mean you’re good at “y.”

I have this conversation over and over with private coaching clients.

The breakthrough comes when you realize the key isn’t to try and
become great at 20 different things.

The key is to become great at the one thing that matters in your work
and hire or delegate everything else.

3 questions to ask:

  1. What am I most passionate about?
  2. What’s ONE THING that matters most in my work that I can become great at?
  3. What should be on my STOP DOING list?

The big idea: To own your greatness is to honor what God’s put in you.
It’s not arrogant; It’s smart.

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