Three Simple Keys for Multiplying Talents

“Do business til I come.” – Luke 19:13

Imagine a wealthy person trusts you to invest their money.

They travel and return later to see your progress.

You are one of many chosen.

Each of you is to give an account on a certain day.

What will be your report?

This is the parable of Luke 19.

Every believer, the ones who love Jesus more than they love themselves, is given a certain number of talents to invest. We are not measured in comparison to others, but we are asked to give an account in light of what we have received in the grace of God and how we have chosen to respond.

The good news is that God sets us up to win. Our job is to believe, trust His leadership and do our part with understanding and diligence.

Three Simple Keys for Multiplying Talents

(1) Believe

Success in life and work begins with believing it’s possible.

Many people believe it’s possible for others, but they struggle to believe it’s possible for them.

It’s time to move past fear, past mistakes and a lack of knowledge that can derail your dreams.

(2) Begin

Stop waiting until everything is perfect.

Building with God is like turn-by-turn directions. Often the first step reveals the second step, and the second step reveals the third.

He gives us a picture of the destination, and then we must trust his plan, timing, and leadership to make progress.

God’s goal is not just getting us to the destination; His higher purpose is who we become on the journey. He invites us into a wonderfully rewarding adventure, but we must say yes on His terms. Will you?

(3) Belong

It’s important to go together.

There is an African proverb that says if you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together.

We are more connected than ever, yet isolated in so many ways. We have thousands of friends in social media, but few with whom we can share our dreams and journey.

Have you heard of masterminding?

Many Christians have written off the idea as new age mumbo jumbo. But the practice of joining with others in a spirit of agreement and cooperation for success is deeply rooted in scripture. Consider Matthew 18:19.

Every successful person has a small group of trusted friends and advisors with whom they regularly communicate.

Begin praying about starting and participating in a mastermind group. Who are two or three people with whom you can meet on a regular basis for accountability, wisdom and growth?

How do mastermind groups work? You’ll learn a specific method at IMPACT16, and we’ll host a training soon in TrueTribe.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=”God Is On The Move…”]

You’ve heard me say, “God is one the move in the marketplace. He is changing the understanding and expression of Christianity at work in our generation.” But what does this mean? What does it look like in daily life?

God is giving grace and perspective to understand, communicate and raise up a tribe of fearless forerunners with a spirit of excellence. I believe that you have an important role to play in what He is doing.

That’s why I’ve invited you to Kansas City, September 15-18, 2016.

IMPACT16 is more than a conference. It’s the beginning of a Holy Spirit call, equipping and commissioning. It’s interesting that our conference is right before a spiritual new year. I believe this is a new season for you, and you must decide that for yourself.

If you are ready to ‘do business’ differently moving with God in the marketplace, change your schedule, do what you need to do, to get to Kansas City for IMPACT16.

It’s bold of me, I know, but challenging times call for doing business differently

See you in Kansas City. [/thrive_text_block]

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