More Time ⌛ or More Money 💸 ?

I’m sipping a mid-morning coffee after grinding some fresh French Roast beans. I hope you have something yummy in your cup 😉 

Take a coffee break with me and allow yourself to dream for a few minutes. What idea or dream has God deposited in your beautiful life that you could pursue if you only had the time and the money? What would you love to do? birth? put in place? startup? implement? 

Take a sticky note and write it down! It’s pretty amazing what happens after you honestly begin to describe your dream. A fire lights in your heart and hope comes in. 

This is the hope we will ignite and birth together at Breakthrough BOOTCAMP 2020 in just a few weeks, and that’s just the beginning. Here’s what to expect:

An idea-to-action weekend like never before awaits you at Breakthrough Bootcamp 2020 with LINDA FIELDS

  • Clarify and own your vision
  • Develop a plan for action you can execute in less time with higher return
  • Overcome the obstacles that hold you back from productivity and begin to prosper
  • Gain new clarity, focus, and confidence that blasts the overwhelm factor
  • Learn essential skills for your next level so you can get unstuck and move ahead
  • Make real progress now and quit waiting for the perfect moment. Now is your time. 

I will help you put your thoughts, dreams, and ideas into action. I’ve done this thousands of times and there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a man or a woman launch into the things God has placed in their hearts.

Click the link to see more about the Breakthrough BOOTCAMP 2020 WEEKEND and register to join us while Early Registration remains open. 

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

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