Introducing "The Mentor’s Table”

The most complete experience for believers in the marketplace who are  OVERCOMERS and ready to eliminate professional roadblocks, forever.

Who the Mentor’s Table is Not For:

If you believe that you can never overcome obstacles - then the Mentor’s Table is not for you.
If the political, cultural, and social climate matters more to you than a biblical worldview - then the Mentor’s Table is not for you.
If you are defeated, not willing to contribute, and lack the desire to fight for yourself, family, or team - then the Mentor’s Table is not for you my friend. 

So you ask, just who is The Mentor's Table for?

The world is changing at a rapid pace and it's hard to keep up. The fact that you are still reading means one thing; You are ready to focus your energy on moving forward and refuse to be limited by the world’s system.  You are energized by the pursuit of all that God has promised in your life and you are ready to do something Bigger with your life.

So welcome to the brave few who are ON FIRE in the face of accelerating change, increasing uncertainty, and overwhelming complexity.

--You just found your mentor and community...

Unlock your next season and advance His purpose in your life.

The Mentor’s Table will give you access to insight, understanding, and practical wisdom strategies for people destined for more.  

You will discover life-changing mindsets and practices at the Mentor’s Table other's long to know:

Is it Crisis or Opportunity? We will tackle this question in detail and relentlessly.  As a community of marketplace leaders, we search for and find the opportunity in every situation. 
CoronaVirus, Biden, the media, or the political agenda: The Mentor’s Table will address the cultural questions and concerns that blur your vision of GOD’s plan for your life and help you find solutions and a path forward.
Let’s make sense of the past, but not live there.  2020 didn't catch God sleeping on the job, it's our job to stay in faith because He is working this (and every crazy thing ) for our good as we build a future that’s burning bright together.
Say "Goodbye" to blurry vision and scattered focus.  The clarity you will discover from Mentor’s Table will forever change you, your family, and your team. Now you are a greater part of the solution at a whole new level.
Say "Hello" to entering a new future with confidence and fresh fiery vision.  Within this community of ON FIRE believers we see everything through a biblical lens. Yes, we need another touch from the Lord.  Many in this time only see the giants in our promised land after surviving a challenging season in the desert.  We though, like Caleb who had "a different spirit," see the possibilities and press on in rest to bring about a bright and burning future. 

Join The Mentor’s Table

For believers in the marketplace who are interested in overcoming obstacles, eliminating professional roadblocks, forever and burning bright... ON FIRE with God.

The Mentor’s Table combines Linda Fields' 30+ years of spirit-led teaching with the power of a marketplace believer community to give you the cliff notes and tools you need to develop your family and team so that together we all WIN in times of adversity.

   When you join Mentor’s Table you get:   

- a private, personal video from Linda every week covering an essential topic to focus and flourish in turbulent times

- a weekly exercise to get your head above the clouds of daily circumstance so you have the clarity to think and act decisively

- monthly, closed-door group 'office hours' to level up your mindset, focus, and results

- access to a members-online community where your conversations with each other and uncommon mentors who share their behind-the-scenes wisdom builds your success to advance your goals. This is where you get answers to your most pressing questions.

- Limited Time Offer - coaching upgrade to quarterly 1:1 90-minute private coaching session with Linda Fields for a select few ready to advance strategically with this personalized session for +$197/monthly fee--an opportunity to dig even deeper and get faster results. 

Together in our private session, we’ll review your last 90 days, troubleshoot problem areas, and plan the next quarter with milestones and tracking systems for success… all in a spirit of Prayer! +Unlimited Coaching by text for support on weekdays.

- PLUS BONUS (never offered before), you'll also get instant and unlimited access to my Lifetime Empower Library for as long as you remain active.  This is every recorded training, action class, and program I've made in the past decade.  That’s over 25 courses and classes valued over $500 - your’s because you made a decision to act now. 

Join Mentor’s Table now for $97 per month. 

If you know anything about my  training, this is a quick, and easy decision to Join Now.

But If we've just met, let me make this easy for you…

Your wise decision to enroll now is fully protected with a 30 day, win-win guarantee of satisfaction. Join me today, and if in the unlikely event you don't find value in The Mentor’s Table after the first month, email me for a prompt and cheerful refund of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Linda Fields? - She is a Spirit-led Coach, called to business. From running an athletic store  with her husband to spearheading a multi-million dollar training center to leading on an international stage… She always somehow landed in places no one could have predicted. And people always want to know how she does it, and what she learned. Yes, she worked hard… But prayer is the true secret of her success, and favor is her unfair advantage. Now for the first time, she’s inviting you in, closer.
How will I receive the weekly videos? - You will receive an email delivered into your inbox on Sunday of each week with a link to that week's video. If I have your telephone number, you will also get a text from me. I value you so much I want to make sure you never miss a session with me.
How will I access the monthly office hours? - You'll get an email with a secret Zoom link each month inviting you in. Simply click into Zoom on your computer, tablet, or phone at the scheduled time.  You'll get the most from the office hours by showing up live. I'll give you as much notice as I can so you can put the dates on your calendar. You'll also have access to a recording of the monthly conversation inside a members-only webpage. You'll automatically get the new password every month when your member access renews.
Is there any kind of guarantee? - I usually offer a money-back guarantee on all my programs. In this case, because you're getting everything upfront, there are no refunds for this special offer beyond the 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Of course, I will deliver what I promise, and a few extra bonuses along the way for loyal members. But I don't want you coming into this unless it's a strong 'yes' today without a parachute clause.  I feel confident this is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your family, your team, and your future. You must believe that too. If you agree, enroll now.
What if I drop out, can I re-enroll at a later date? - No. I want you to prioritize our relationship. If you're experiencing a catastrophic life situation, we can work something out. Otherwise, I expect you to stay with us for at least the first year to maximize all the benefits and value here.

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