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The New Masterclass with Linda Fields

Clarity. Vision. Focus. Make meaningful progress now without the overwhelm and frustration.

In this new masterclass, I want to pour into you insights, understanding, and skills that have taken me a lifetime to learn and develop. Now you can get from where you are to where you want to be with greater clarity and confidence than you've ever dreamed possible.

True guidance to get to your next level in life and work

What We'll Accomplish Together

Gain the clarity, focus and skill to make greater progress without the overwhelm today

Session 1: Your Vision

Step 1

Get clear and confident in your calling, purpose, and vision. Discover the burning 'WHY' inside and let it fuel all you were meant to be and do.

Session 2: Your Message

Step 1

Discover how to articulate and share your unique journey in a way that connects, inspires and transforms others through the power of story.

Session 3: Your Audience

Step 3

You have a gift inside, and a voice that can unlock hidden treasures in others. Learn to leverage modern influence platforms to make your difference.

Session 4: The Framework

Step 3

Align your values, beliefs, and practices to bring your vision to life and make meaningful progress daily without the burnout.

Session 5: Time Power

Step 2

Your time is your life. Discover simple, proven productivity tips and tools that help you get more of the right things done without overwhelm.

Session 6: Your Game Plan

Step 3

Bring everything together in a business plan for your life. Focus, finances, people and more. This is your time to thrive.

Session 7: Private, 1:1 Coaching with Linda

Fine-tune your understanding and accelerate your implementation with one-on-one coaching from Linda Fields.

Enroll Now - Just $697

Be part of a select group that allows Linda to work with them as a team and also give one on one time to each person to unlock your next level of understanding, capability, and progress. Enroll now in the new Masterclass with Linda Fields and save $300 off the planned launch price. All we ask is that you provide feedback at the end of the masterclass so we can serve you even better. 

Here's Everything You Get...


Enroll now to get all these benefits and bonuses:

The Seven-Step Process includes:

(1) Six step-by-step training sessions taught by Linda Fields (recorded live),

(2) Six group implementation coaching sessions led by Linda to deepen your understanding and speed results, and 

(3) One Private 1:1 Coaching Call with Linda.

Your training also includesPDF focusing sheets and tools to help you make progress with what you learn.


Bonus #1: Devotional for Spiritual Professionals

Bonus #2: Unlocking You: the New Tribe Experience

Bonus #3: "Hearing God" Ebook

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