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Thank you for your purchase. If you need help with anything, please email Everything you need to participate in the mastermind with Linda Fields is on this page. Please read through this page and follow the instructions provided. Please bookmark this page so you have access to it in the future. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you.

What is the Masterclass? Clarity. Vision. Focus. Make meaningful progress now without the overwhelm and frustration.

In this new masterclass, I want to pour into you insights, understanding, and skills that have taken me a lifetime to learn and develop. Now you can get from where you are to where you want to be with greater clarity and confidence than you've ever dreamed possible.

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After the live training, please email to schedule your one-on-one coaching call. You will receive a link to select a time and share the top 2 to 3 topics you want to cover. Please schedule and complete your call by January 31, 2021. 

BONUS: Hearing God

"Like so many people I reached for success in my own strength. I was capable of doing many things, but my attempts were not enough. I had to find God in my work; surely He had the edge I needed." Hearing God will help you invite God in, learn to hear from Him in your work, and rise to new levels of success.

NOTE: Access to additional bonuses will be provided during the live training.

The Masterclass Sessions

Below you have access to 6 Sessions of Masterclass along with Resource Links (if applicable).
I recommend you work through the 6 sessions and take notes of your own. Note any questions and send them to as you go through the material. When you near completion go ahead and reach out to schedule your 1:1 with Linda and let's celebrate your progress together.


Training Session 1 - Your Vision
Get clear and confident in your calling, purpose, and vision. Discover the burning 'WHY' inside and let it fuel all you were meant to be and do.


Training Session 2 - Your Message
Discover how to articulate and share your unique journey in a way that connects, inspires and transforms others through the power of story.


Training Session 3 - Your Audience
You have a gift inside, and a voice that can unlock hidden treasures in others. Learn to leverage modern influence platforms to make your difference.


Training Session 4 - The Framework
Align your values, beliefs, and practices to bring your vision to life and make meaningful progress daily without the burnout.

Resource links: None


Training Session 5 - Time Power
Your time is your life. Discover simple, proven productivity tips and tools that help you get more of the right things done without overwhelm.

Resource links: None


Training Session 6 - Your Game Plan
Bring everything together in a business plan for your life. Focus, finances, people and more. This is your time to thrive.

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