Let go of the Small

Let go of the Small Lay hold of the Large.

What are you grasping, holding so tightly …that you might be missing the opportunity in front of you today? Could you be using up your energy and focus by looking back to a better time, relishing thoughts of:

  • A memory of past success?
  • The sweet victory of yesteryear?
  • Your fleeting moment of being ‘someone’?

Our thinking can become small over time when we hold on to the success of the past at the expense of seeing an opportunity for the future. I love the way Jesus seized teaching moments like this with the disciples, even captured them for us today. Look at this one:

Over 5,000 people had followed Jesus to a mountain outside the city. He was moved with compassion for them. He knew their pain and He healed their sickness. It was a full day and He knew the people had grown hungry. The disciples suggested they send the crowd into the city for food.

Jesus confronted their small thinking with His answer:

“They do not need to go away.

You give them something to eat.”

He was about to unpack a powerful teaching moment. The best the team could come up with was “only five loaves and two fish.” Thinking too small. Jesus’ answer for them was the same as it is for you and me:

Bring your small thinking here to Me.

The disciples hungrily relinquished the meager lunch to the Master for what would become divine multiplication… feeding the multitude with 12 baskets left over.

Jesus is the solution for small thinking. Will you pry your fingers from yesterday’s meager small thinking and give it to the Master? Will you participate with Jesus  to meet the needs of the larger crowd?

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Notice Jesus set up a scenario where the disciples felt inadequate; they did not have the answer to the hunger of this crowd.

Who is waiting on you to catch up? To feed them? To supply their needs with your goods, services, solutions? If you clutch your small thinking, you’ll miss the opportunity to ‘feed them.’ You don’t need to send your client, your customer, your audience away …because you don’t think you have the goods. You know something. You know Jesus who has the multiplication factor.

Let go of your small lunch and realize that God has invited you to become a solution. “You give them something to eat.”

Read the full account in Matthew 14:13-21 and ask God to help you elevate your perspective today.

It’s time to let go of small thinking and lay hold of the large. Feed those around you with hope, product, finance, unique solutions only you will bring.

I’m watching Spiritual Professionals,  industry changers, world changers, step up in business, music, and media by letting go of what was already a huge success because God wanted to expand their borders to larger reach.

Join a tribe of Spiritual Professionals who are letting go of the small, and laying hold of the large, get started for just a dollar…


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