Introducing the New Masterclass – Why Does it Matter?

Times like this pandemic can throw you off …and that’s perfectly understandable. You are facing some challenges, and yes things have changed.  When you think about your life plans and goals do you have what you need to overcome the resistance and move forward?

It’s what you do daily that will position you to win the bigger battles, yet you must have a target with a plan. 

New Masterclass Announced

I want you to join me in my new Masterclass for people in the Marketplace who pray. I’m pulling the key pieces of what it takes to move from where you are to where you want to be with greater clarity and confidence than you’ve ever dreamed possible into a brand new opportunity for you.  I will pour into you insights, understanding and skills… things I’ve spent a lifetime to learn and develop, so that you can move ahead with focus, clarity, and meaningful progress. 

Things I’ve learned:

One thing I’ve thought about a million times during this pandemic is how my Dad helped me learn to move mountains: My Dad called me ‘Kiddo’ and would often kneel down with me at the couch to ask God about my future, about college, and about my life when I was troubled or needing direction. 

I can still hear his voice saying, “Kiddo, God has all the resources of the earth at His disposal and can move them anywhere He wants. Let’s ask God for what you need.”  That meant breakthrough was on the way, and it taught me how to pray. 

This powerful practice was just the beginning because prayer leads to action. There were other things my Dad didn’t have much experience in, like business. I had to learn the practices and principles for myself in grad school, put them to work in our little sporting goods store, and, well, we’d be here all day if I told the whole story 😉 

The journey of prayer and action led me to do some things that, frankly, went beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m not done yet 😉  Let me ask you… what are you doing now to prepare to excel and thrive  with God’s plans in your future? You may not have had a good mentor or teacher, someone who earnestly wanted to see you progress, but it’s not too late. I want to pour out for you in good faith. I love to see my clients and participants succeed.

Timing is everything:

This pandemic has your attention for a minute… The window of heightened attention and teachability is rapidly closing because the world is already busy finding a new normal. You decide to pass on this now you’ll be hard pressed to come back to this moment in time later on. (Insert a little tough love here) 

I’m ready to meet you in Masterclass when we kick off in just a few days. Your best response is to join me by registering at this link before the window of opportunity closes and you move on: New Masterclass with LINDA FIELDS  

See you in the new Masterclass. 

Love and Prayers for your Future,  

Linda Fields

P.S. I hope this email helps. I’ve re-written it 5 times and it’s time to hit send 😉

P.S.S. Let me know!

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