Interruption? More Like OPPORTUNITY!

How are you faring in all the change?! Crazy amounts of information, working from home, TP crisis? Even more importantly how are you responding to a big Wake Up Call? 

Thank God for a fresh cup of coffee;) as I get this update out to you now. An interruption has become an opportunity to SHIFT. There’s never been a more important time to clarify your vision, move into action, and stay on course than right now in the midst of the uncertainty where we find ourselves due to COVID-19. 

Case in point: You may know I offer an event to help you move your plans into action called Breakthrough BOOTCAMP.  People are asking me, “Are you cancelling?!” After talking with the team and much soul searching, we’re not cancelling… we’re SHIFTING to Online which opens the door for you no matter where you are.  

The people who choose to SHIFT in the midst of uncertainty will have a marked advantage in what happens from this point. This means you. I’m inviting you to make the SHIFT with me on Saturday, April 18 from your home or home office. Quickly answer these 3 questions to shake off the stress and see the opportunity:

  1. What skill, dream or calling, drive, knack, gift describes YOU on your best day? (List top 3)
  2. How can your interruption become your NEXT opportunity to move forward? (Think of a solution you can bring to a problem people are facing right now)
  3. Are you willing to invest a day to join me from anywhere ONLINE (no travel expense, lower ticket prices, no hotel, come in your PJs if you want) and move your idea into action?

Click this link to see what BOOTCAMP2020 includes for you. Breakthrough BOOTCAMP2020 SHIFTING to totally ON-Line!

It’s more important than ever to help you get your dreams and plans into action… especially if it looks quite different than you ever expected. Lots of things may be cancelled, GOOD NEWS is YOUR LIFE ASSIGNMENTS ARE GAME ON! BREAKTHROUGH BOOTCAMP 2020 won’t look like we planned… IT’S GOING TO BE BETTER! 

 Love and prayers, Linda Fields

P.S. Early Registration expires in 3 days. Click this link to get your Online ticket today:

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