Hustle Harder or do the Unthinkable

Ever struggle with mixed feelings of happy yet dissatisfied because you want to see more? 

🎧 Listen to this message

So just a few weeks ago that was me… sitting in a meeting with a few other team members looking at the results of our work. We had just completed our annual IMPACT event strong. Messages were on target, Feedback was excellent… still we knew there was more. 

We reviewed our strategy and prayed for wisdom about how to reach more people with the message of The Spiritual Professional. Then we did what seemed unthinkable, even foolish… We took a break! We unplugged from our routine and took a trip to the mountains to rest. 

Sometimes wisdom from heaven seems opposite the obvious solution to hustle harder, work later, and press through.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT…  in just one month, our CPN podcast downloads for October 2019 reached 16,903 equaling our total downloads for the last 2 years. Opportunities we didn’t know existed suddenly began opening to us, widening our audience significantly, and The Spiritual Professional message was launched through the CHARISMA DIGITAL December issue for all the world to see.  

What if we had just decided to work harder? What if we had ignored God’s leading to come away and rest? Listening to that still voice is a habit that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE, grow your business God’s way, and accelerate your vision without adding stress and busy-ness that kills your soul. 

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Love and Prayers, Linda Fields 

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