How to Overcome Resistance

God’s dreams for your life are still good. Do you want them?

God has spoken dreams and plans into the hearts of men and women in all seven spheres of society to make a difference by fulfilling your assignment in life.

All dreams will meet with resistance. Resistance comes in the form of delay, offense, and fatigue in the journey.

What will you do when faced with resistance? 

Agree with these affirmations so you can work through the resistance quickly and stay on course:

  1.  I will press through the delay and keep my eyes on the goal. Each baby step moves me forward..
  2.  I will not entertain offense when it crosses my mind;  I will forgive quickly. Offense is wicked and stops most people in their tracks robbing destiny. Not me, not today, not ever.
  3.  I will persist and sign up again when I get tired, discouraged or off track. I’ll never give up.

It’s time to agree with what your heavenly Father says about you by turning the resistance around to work for you and not against you. Sharpen your awareness and get ready to soar.

People hope to become an overnight success because of the stories in the media of a “sudden” rising star. Truth be told, those who appear to become overnight successes have been plugging away consistently doing the behind the scenes work for years. Their persistence qualified them to be ready with something to say when opportunity knocked on their door. 

Awaken to consider the plans God has for you to fulfill for the rest of the year.

God honors persistence and obedience.

If you don’t step into your destiny, no one else can do it for you.

Move past discouragement and sign up again.

Get ready! I hear opportunity knocking at the door.

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