How to MOVE FORWARD No Matter What 💡👞👠

Just back in town after an awesome fast-paced few days on the road with the Rick-man, my awesome navigator and hubby 😉

I went to North Carolina to be on the set of the where 74 leaders had pre-recorded content that aired online over the weekend. (Turned out to be a brilliant plan; love how God has provided prototypes and methods to leverage the power of “on-line”).  A few of us came in person to be on set with Live interviews and discussion. I’ve included a small segment for you that I believe is relevant today in the PS of this blog. 

In the meantime, the virus updates are ramping up and we all find ourselves looking for wisdom and practical action steps to take today.  I found these 3 as Rick and I continued our regular reading of the Word today and want you to have them too–3 Action Points to Move Forward no matter what:

  1. Do what makes sense practically.  I love the Genesis 32 account of Jacob’s actions when facing what seemed to be a dire opponent (his brother Esau.) He took action by “sending across whatever he had.” (see verse 23) What practical steps can you take today with ‘whatever you have’  to move forward with your life and business? HINT: Don’t think “I must do business as usual”; think “I’m moving forward today.”
  2. Ask God for help and get ready for the wrestle! After doing all he knew to do, Jacob was alone with a divine being (Angel? Christ pre-incarnate?) Not sure, but definitely a conversation from above that turned into a holy wrestle. This is a time to go hand to hand with the Lord seeking wisdom beyond what you can see with your eyes about how you are to respond in this season. This is the time to see on the Spiritual level. Jacob stayed in the wrestle until he received a blessing. The wrestle affected his walk. He incurred a limp which sounds like an impairment but was a badge of encounter. Look for the blessings God will give when you tenaciously stay in the encounter with Him for help. 
  3. Take on Your New Name. The Man gave Jacob a new name. Jacob means ‘supplanter – deceitful in character’ which wouldn’t work moving forward. From this moment on Jacob would be known as Israel elevating his status to that of a Champion (one who prevails with God). Do an identity check here. Replace being fearful or anxious with your new defining quality of being a Champion in this season.  

Does this help? I’d love to hear back. 

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

P.S. Segment on why you must Forgive those who have hurt you: 

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