How to Escape the Trap of Testing to Emerge in Hope

Every successful person I know faces incredible times of testing.
Though not every person chooses to be refined in the testing.
Why? Because it’s painful and it’s a process.

[Tweet “The question is not whether you will run into tests, but how you will respond when they come.”]
It helps to know in advance that you have a choice to make regarding how you will navigate hard tests.
One choice is actually a trap for negativity that settles for an alternative story that is far from the plans God has for your life.

The other choice is one that brings an enlightening beam of light into the midst of the darkness of testing, and before long will shove open a window flooding your life with Hope. Put this route in your GPS and save it.

Here are two warning signs that you may be deceived and falling for the traps:

  1. Shutting down your gifts when you find yourself in pit or a prison. This trap will set you back when it’s time to come out.
  2. Falling into the temptation to abandon God’s purpose for your life in the midst of testing.

How to escape the traps of testing and emerge through that window of Hope:

  1. Develop a mindset or a posture of believing God no matter what your circumstances say.
  2. Guard your vision and share it selectively with trustworthy souls.
  3. Cry when you need to cry, then forgive early in the process when others betray you, hurt you, or accuse you.
  4. Use your gifts in prison just as Joseph did.
  5. Steward your heart along the journey.

Say a little prayer to the Lord that goes something like this: “Oh God, search my heart today and refresh my dreams and visions.”

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