Half-Time 2020: Time to Believe ⏰

Whew! It’s been a blur hasn’t it? Just counting the remaining days till we cross into 2nd half of 2020.

It’s half time – Time to FOCUS!

Seems like an eternity ago now… It was February 2, 2020 after a significant half time in the super bowl that the Chiefs rallied to come from behind to land a last minute 4th quarter victory. Remember? 

The world looked on in disbelief, shock, and pure joy. There’s something inspiring about seeing someone come from behind to win. 

Whoever you were rooting for, there’s a discovery for you here in your own half time of 2020 from Patrick Mahomes who said this: “We kept believing.” 

The power of the half time is coming together to refuel, slap each other on the back, high five what’s working, make course corrections on what’s not working… and focus to get back in the game. 

Game’s not over for you in 2020. I’m working with a group to FOCUS in for last half 2020 and I invite you to join me.

Click the red button to go to the FREE Facebook Focus Challenge, agree to our guidelines, and JOIN! 

We’re kicking off Sat morning. You’ll get tools, encouragement, and community for these next 10 days. 

You’ve been wanting to jump in? It’s about time. 😉 Everything’s on the page. 

Love and Prayers,


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