Greater Pressure Calls for Greater Wisdom

Are you finding the wisdom you need to move forward? There’s no quick fix for pandemics and racial tensions, so what’s it going to take? 

We’re wired to find a solution, fix a problem, make an adjustment so we can continue on only to realize that …we got nothing …nothing big enough, wise enough, good enough to answer the tough challenges people are facing with the economy, riots, sickness, paranoia… 

Take a Deep Breath with me… Realizing you got nothing is the perfect place to be right now. 

Greater pressure calls for greater wisdom.

Here’s what I know: Greater wisdom is available to the sons and daughters of God. 

You see, everyone knows how to dial 911 in an emergency. 
“HELP!” prayers are good, yet I know there’s a better way to gain wisdom daily for the problems you and others are facing right now.

Something I discovered during a chaotic time in my life is that when I’m approaching God with all my plans, dreams, questions and asking for wisdom as a practice, a habit, a part of my daily life in God … He delivers every time. He wants in on the day-to-day beyond the 911 calls. 

The better way is having regular talks that affect and shape your plans with God, as with a friend, a Partner. This process is what I call Prayer Planning. 

If you are ready to find greater wisdom for today’s greater challenges, I invite you to say Yes to my challenge: Join my FREE FOCUS CHALLENGE to experience first hand what Prayer Planning is about. 

I’ll share tools designed to help you Prayer Plan in a systematic way so you can apply them immediately as you discover how to listen for and find the wisdom you need in this time. 

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Love and Prayers, 
Linda Fields 

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