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The problem isn’t the CoronaVirus, Biden, the devil, or your faith.

Accelerating change, increasing uncertainty, and overwhelming complexity.

It's always been this way when your chance is greatest.


2020 didn't catch God sleeping on the job.

He knows exactly what's going on, and believe it or not, 

He's working all this crazy together for your good. 

Do you believe that?

If you do, this can be the most significant time in your life.


Most people's vision is out of focus right now.

We're like the blind man at Bethsaida seeing men as trees or Joshua seeing giants in our promised land after a challenging season in a desert.

We need another touch (and perspective) from the Lord.

My name is Linda Fields.

I'm a preacher at heart, called to business. 

From an athletic store run with my husband to a multi-million dollar training center to leading on an international stage… I've always somehow landed in places no one could have predicted.

And people always want to know how I did it, and what I learned.

"Secret of Secrets"

Yes, I've worked hard… 

But prayer is the true secret of my success, 

and favor my unfair advantage.

Now for the first time, I'm inviting you in, closer.

Wisdom is the difference in people.

It's the eternal key that unlocks your future.

Wisdom is a gift.

Understanding and the success that follows requires grace and grit. 

It's all from the Lord, and we have a part to play.

It cost decades of my life to learn what I'm going to show you about focus, relationships, communication, getting things done, and more.

Whether you're riding high at the top of your game or licking your wounds in the aftermath of the global pandemic, I can help you.

In fact, I'm so confident that what I've put together will help you, and by extension your family and your team, I'm taking all the risk.

I'll show you how in a moment, plus give you a 10x value bonus that took more than ten years to assemble when you join me today.

What's this all about?




Our course will help you get started...

a private video from me every week covering an essential topic to focus and flourish in turbulent times (each video also includes a weekly exercise to get your head above the clouds of daily circumstance so you have the clarity to think and act decisively)

every month, closed-door group 'office hours' to level up your mindset, focus, and results (you'll also get answers to your most pressing questions and gain members-online access to conversations with uncommon mentors sharing the behind-the-scenes of their success to advance your goals)
then, on a quarterly basis, a 1:1 private coaching session for those who say yes to the coaching upgrade

If you know me, this is a quick, and easy decision.

If we've just met, let me make this a strong 'yes' for you too.

Enroll now with ZERO risk and get this 10x Bonus FREE.

Your monthly access is just $100.

(Your charter member fee is locked in as long as you stay an active member even when I raise the price.)

You get everything: the weekly video mentoring, the coaching hours, and the chance to join my inner circle. 

PLUS, you'll also get instant and unlimited access to my Lifetime Empower Library, every recorded training, action class, and program I've made in the past decade. 

Use this unique resource to accelerate your own personal growth and professional development. Plus, leverage what you learn as cliff notes to train and develop your family and team. 

You can buy access to this lifetime library right now for $997. But you're getting everything inside a password-restricted website, as my gift when you enroll in Circle of Blessing right now.

Crisis, or OpPortunity?

Your wise decision to enroll now is fully protected with a 30 day, win-win guarantee of satisfaction. Join me today, and if in the unlikely event you don't find value in the weekly videos after the first month, email me for a prompt and cheerful refund of your investment.

Plus, I'll let you keep your access to the Lifetime library.

Yes, you get to keep the $997 bonus no matter what you decide.

So you see, there's no risk here, and so much to gain.

Okay, time for action: 

If you're the kind of person I think you are, you see the value here and you don't need a lot of convincing. In fact, you've probably been waiting for an opportunity like this one: Join the inner circle of a trusted advisor, hear and see what God is doing, and have the encouragement and coaching you need to flourish in the days ahead.

You in?

I look forward to welcoming you into my inner circle, and standing with you as you build into the future.

Join us now by filling in this secure enrollment form:

With prayers and blessings,

Linda Fields

PS: Registration for this initial round of members closes on DATE. No marketing gimmicks and no exceptions. Don't procrastinate. Now is the time to take action.

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