Go to the Next Level in 2020

Cozy fire roaring in the fireplace
Football game in the background
Whiteboard, journal, calendar calling…

I have this sense of excitement over what’s possible in 2020!
It’s the wonder of a new year kicking off in less than 48 hrs.

What do you want to see happen in 2020?
What idea, vision or goal is calling your name?

What if 2020 is a Breakthrough year for you?

  1. Write down a few thoughts that just flashed through your mind …
  2. Envision what success looks like, feels like…
  3. Dare to believe again that it’s your time, your goal, your year in 2020.

You’ve just taken a very important step
by daring to think about 2020 with a positive outlook
letting expectation rise in your heart. Powerful!

Next thing is to take 1 step of action quickly.

I’ve made a couple of suggestions for you below in the P.S.
Choose 1 or both; the important thing is to take action.

Get ready for the last 48 hours to usher you forward
into a brand new 2020 Next Level year;)

Excited for you.

Love and Prayers,

Linda Fields

P.S. I recommend this step immediately; it’s a no-brainer…
sign up for the FREE Pre-Bootcamp [Next Level 2020] webinar;
I’ll walk you through how to Prayer Plan Your Year.
Click this link to request the invite. https://www.lindafields.org/bootcamp2020

P.S.S. Ready to move faster?
I’ve opened a few coaching slots for a speed coaching consultation over the next few days
normally $199, only $99 this week.
Click this link to get started sooner: https://calendly.com/lindafieldsintl/1-hour-speed-coaching

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