Busy or Fruitful

Busy or Fruitful?

We live and work in a culture that glamorizes busy.

We idolize workaholics as superhuman and glorify an approach to measuring success that often leads to burnout and broken lives.

Yes, there are times when we need to burn the midnight oil, but it should not be the norm or pattern for how we live and work.

Busy or Fruitful

“God didn’t call us to be busy,” says Joyce Meyers, “He called us to be fruitful.” I agree.

I found a shift was required in my understanding of God’s ways and how to decide what the fruitful work would be for me in each season of building my career. Family discussions helped my husband and I protect our relationships in crunch time and still accomplish our goals.

The path to a more fruitful work life begins with seeking God first. When we do, He adds blessings without sorrow. (Matthew 6:33; Proverbs 10:22)

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Busy or Fruitful?

Here are three keys to navigate seasons requiring increased activity so that we are not just busy, but fruitful:

(1) Define a fruitful destination.

Identify how to recognize and measure the results you desire to produce in your life and work. Use practical terms keeping it simple. For example, “I want to make ten client calls a day and be home in time for dinner every night by 6 p.m.”

(2) Align your calendar with your vision.

Use your vision as a roadmap to decide what goes on your calendar and stick with it. When you enter an exceptionally full season of work, meet with your family or close friends to clarify the boundaries and roles in this time. Recalibrate every six weeks to stay focused on your priorities.

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(3) Pay attention to the road.

Know your capacity and the warning signs when you are ‘running out of gas.’ When you recognize the signals, refuel to continue at a good pace. Make sure you enjoy and harness the right opportunities.

While God loves order, He is also the God of adventure and new horizons. The future is not entirely predictable, and you don’t want to plan the excitement and activity out of your life. Give yourself the freedom to encounter God in new ways in seasons requiring more activity. Recognize when God is showing up in the moment. He is a creative God and loves to expand our thinking while keeping us on course.

He invites you to be fruitful for His glory in your assignment today.

Enjoy getting to know Him in the process.

God loves the journey with you now and forever.

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13 thoughts on “Busy or Fruitful?”

  1. Love this distinction. “Prayer Plan Your Day” is a great tool to help with this. Thank you.

  2. Phillip Swanson

    I hope I can make the Harp and Bowl a keeper for frequent replay and encouragement !
    Trucking High Volume Groceries!
    Thank You Linda!

    1. Hi Phillip,

      Glad you like the added worship element. It adds that extra boost! Keep Trucking!

      Your Mentor,


  3. I like this blog. Its not too long, easy points to follow mixed with scripture, quotes etc. I needed this today. Thanks

    1. Hi Dan,

      Quick and easy ways to add value… that is the goal. BAM!

      Loved being with Destiny Church people in your stomping grounds last weekend.

      Keep up the good work.


  4. Very useful and encouraging. Sometimes we can be so driven and miss out on the really important things. The Lord really desires us to be fruitful in our relationship with Him first. Great blog.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Great point… it all starts with the relationship with our CEO Jesus!

      Thank you for contributing your thoughts here.

      Your Mentor,


  5. Linda:
    this is good.
    there is a difference between busy and productive–and you know it is a battle to keep focused so you can go home

    1. Hi Bob,

      Glad you like it;) Going home with a clear mind is important.

      Blessings to you.

      Your Mentor,


  6. Greetings! I’ve been following your web site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Hello Christine!

      Thank you for speaking up here. I really appreciate your encouragement. What are your top 3 take-aways from the website in your time of tracking with me?

      Looking forward to hearing back,


  7. Thank you. This is very encouraging to me as I am seeking the Lord’s guidance and wisdom on how my gifts and talents can produce fruit for His Kingdom. I am 61, retired from a career in nursing. I love to sew and design. God is giving me a big vision to empower women in third world countries to rise up out of poverty and become trophies in the Father’s hand for His glory. I’m praying for clarity in taking action.

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