Finding Your Voice

I was scared to death…

Oh I had talked a big talk when I went into the Department Chairman’s office at the University
and told him why I should be offered a position as a Teaching Assistant as I started my MBA program.

He peered at me over his glasses for what seemed like a long time…
and said, “Linda, can you walk into an auditorium of 120 students and teach a semester long class on Introduction to Business?”

I maintained eye contact in what seemed to be a staring contest thinking this must be the first hurdle I had to cross in what felt like an eternity. But eventually I mustered a smile as I heard myself saying with confidence,
“Yes Dr. Abrahamson, I certainly can.”

He hired me on the spot and within a couple weeks I found myself at the front of that auditorium he talked about. And it was full. I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree and was younger than many of the people in the room. There was no waffling now or it was going to be a very long semester.

Tests of my commitment to become a voice in the business world of academia continued to come.
…There was the ‘know it all’ returning student old enough to be my father who always had something better and wiser to say
…The belligerent one questioning every test or case study in the quest for an extra 5 points
…The cavelier one who always seemed to know how to ‘punch my button’

In addition to teaching university level courses,I had entered a whole new dimension of “school” that would teach me far more than my MBA courses ever would. I was teaching as I was learning in the school of real life business. My husband and I had just become owners of a retail sporting goods store just off the campus and we were learning on the fly how to hire, train, manage, sell, build rapport in the community, balance the books, and more and this experience provided me with credible talking points way beyond my textbooks.

The school of finding my voice as a leader in the business world was a whirlwind experience that started when I was 21 years old. Even today, I find myself unpacking these secrets in the training and coaching I offer professional clients. More about that in a minute…

Through the years, I’ve become a messenger of Purpose, God-made Success, and Taking Action fueled by Prayer. I thought it worked a certain way coming up as a preacher’s kid wearing hand me downs most of my life…but found a far better way of moving forward in life and work by trying, failing, succeeding, and never giving up.

You have to find your way to move forward in life if you want to emerge with your unique destiny and calling and it’s definitely worth the journey to do so. I’ve been asked many times about what it takes to communicate a message with power. I’ve watched people sit on the edge of their seats drawn into a story of overcoming the odds, living through the fires, succeeding when others thought we wouldn’t… and most beautiful of all, I watch as men and women find their own way forward in my story. What an honor. I can’t describe the thrill of seeing a light bulb come on just at that moment when someone is thinking, ‘That’s me! If God can do that for her, He will do it for me.”

Story is a powerful agent unlocking transformation.

What is your story? What are you about? Do you have something to say and just don’t know exactly to craft your message? Do you have a class to teach or a presentation you would like to be able to make when opportunity knocks?

Join me in Messenger Training – a first ever course where I’ll unpack the secrets of how to develop and deliver your message just like I did at 21 in that first lecture. You’ll spend one-on-one time with me to select your project (talk or presentation, blog or ebooklet) and receive the behind the scenes secrets to deliver your message in power. We’ll get in a room with a few others and work on your project together.

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