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Have you ever seen a passive fan at the Super Bowl? The cameras usually follow the ones wearing wild and unusual costumes, mouths thrust wide open delivering jeers and cheers, fans waving audacious signs and posters. You may think them ridiculous yet you secretly wish you had the nerve to make such a display of unchecked passion.

Who would pay from $500 to thousands of dollars to attend the showdown of the best teams in the NFL to sit idly by and not be a demonstrative part of the fanfare?  

Passivity is the antithesis of engagement.

To engage is to occupy, attract, or involve someone’s interest or attention according to the dictionary. Engagement is the perfect word to describe what’s called for in 2018 to make this year different in the best possible way.

The future belongs to those who will engage in life and work intentionally, purposefully, with clarity, power, and focus. It requires a relentless discipline, a heart on fire with vision, and finding your peeps to run with.

Engagement is disruptive and causes some to follow suit; others will remain in passive posture. But at least an option is revealed that bucks the status quo and shows a better path.  

Let’s bring this down to the personal level.

What do you hope to see written across your epitaph some day? Not to rush things, but you should decide now.

Something passive like…

  • He watched the world go by.
  • He was a nice guy.
  • He quietly stayed to himself and didn’t cause any trouble.
  • She seemed like a nice person.

Or Something ENGAGING like…

  • This man or woman made a difference.
  • This person made the world a better place.
  • This man was always helping someone else better their situation.

To be engaging is to be notable and bring a good result.  it is a direct result of your choices.

[Tweet “”To be engaging is to be notable and bring a good result.” Linda Fields”]

I never saw my Dad resort to passivity. He wasn’t a boisterous personality, but he always took an intentional approach to enter a room, assess a situation, and act to bring a better result. I watched him do this when we visited widows in their homes, when he counseled young adults looking for their way, when he tempered angry deacons and church people with his humility in leadership that always resulted in making things better for everyone.

He cared about people.

What do you care about?

You can’t move forward until you find your ‘why’… your reason.  You need to know what is important enough to you to do things differently than you have in the past.  At that point you are able to mobilize the drive to engage your mind, your actions, your resources in order to make things come out differently.

I am passionate about seeing people engage with God and others in day to day life and work. The results of such living demonstrate what Christianity is all about. The mode of Christianity in the world today seems broken… So many leaders have abandoned moral integrity and have lost their authority.  Your testimony, your story is everything.

But God isn’t broken; He is looking for a people ready to engage with him like the ones he gave something to invest in Luke 19:13. His instructions to them were the same as they are to us:

“Conduct business with this until I return.”  

God has also given you something to conduct business with in your life. It is as precious as the investment He left with the ones in the account in Luke.

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It may be a dream to make life better for young people, for your clients, for your team, … You have a voice to develop to shape results on some level that will change lives, organizations, industries, and nations.

What’s inside you is a vision, a dream, a desire mixed with some gifts and talents to do something about it.

Now it’s your turn to engage to a new level. It takes courage but you don’t have to do it alone.

This is the year to get off the sideline, step away from passivity, and thrust yourself into life with a zeal and passion to earn the epitaph you hope will be etched above your name one day.

Together we will find our wings, and SOAR engaging in the purposes of God bringing change to earth. God chooses to work through His sons and daughters. Will you partner with God on a new level to make your year different?

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