Endorse Your Future: Pray, Write, Speak, Expect

Are you endorsing your future?

If you had a check for $1 Million but never endorsed it and put it in the bank, it would be worth nothing.

There are certain blessings that are sovereign work of God where He blesses the just and the unjust alike. There are other blessings that require your endorsement or participation.

God’s got a plan for you. Will you endorse your future and agree with what God has said?

Psalm 119: 49.  “Remember the word to your servant.”  The writer is reminding God of a promise, essentially saying, “God, do you remember what you said to me?”

Some ask, “Why doesn’t God just do it?  Why am I waiting so long?”  They drop into a complaining spirit which cancels those blessings or at the very least delays them. You have a role to play.  When God has spoken a promise into you, into your spirit, your part is to: Pray it.  Write it. Speak it.  Expect it.

This morning I woke up full of faith. There was a holy hush over the house.  I didn’t even turn on the lights.  There was just a little daylight coming in and I got very excited.  I got down on my knees and prayed for my family.  I prayed for those who would read this blog, that you would work in the power of the Holy Spirit today and even as I type, please know that I am full of expectation for God’s best over you.

God didn’t invite us to be robots, He invites us to be friends, to be partners.  Agree with what God’s word more than you agree with your own view of yourself, more than you agree with your disappointments or delays. When we get into fear.  We begin agreeing with the enemy’s assignment to cancel God’s plans.

God has not give us a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)   We need to debunk fear and become settled in God’s promises, focused on God by setting our faces upon Him like flint. (Isaiah 50:7)

Noah got a plan from God that made him look ridiculous as he built the ark. He  was the joke of the town until the rains came.  Noah, not only heard the plan and believed it and talked about it, but he took action.

Endorsement requires words of agreement, expectation and faith resulting in action.  Will you endorse the check? See yourself picking up the pen, writing your name on the back of the check and taking it to the bank.  I love prophetic acts that demonstrate what God is doing. The power is God’s–the agreement is our privilege.

I feel that the Lord is breathing over plans right now in men and women’s lives. You have a choice right now. “Am I going to endorse the plan or am I going to cancel it with fear and negativity?”

Negativity is a cancer,  something I have never stood for in my own life or that of my teams.

Is this your time to endorse your future? This sounds great right now but when you get back to work you are going to face all the demons and giants you were facing before you started reading this blog.

You are worth the the time and money and energy required to endorse your future with God for a breakthrough experience.

Let’s Pray, Write, Speak, and Expect a Breakthrough

Endorse the future that is yours in God.


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