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Introducing Empower with Linda Fields... Never before, a virtual MBA for the spiritual professional like this one.

Dear Friend,

You've worked hard to get to where you are in life.

You know there's more, but you've come as far as you can on your own.

Or maybe you want to fine-tune your mindset and skills to meet the new realities of a rapidly changing world filled with uncertainty.

Whatever your goal, you're ready for a key to unlock your next level.

That's Empower with Linda Fields.

Inside, profound knowledge, insight, and understanding forged over decades in the furnace infused with a spiritual perspective and practical guidiance in all kinds of life, career, business, and leadership situations.

Shortcut your route to success

You already know that there are two paths to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The first path is to learn everything on your own. That's the hard way.

The second path is to learn from and leverage the experience of others to leap frog your way to success. That's the much easier way.

This is the hidden advantage that gives every successful person the edge.

Now, if you're coachable and willing to take action, you too can leverage the power of mentorship that Empower offers to succeed far beyond anything you image. 


23 video-based 'action classes,' guiding you through essential topics that accelerate your personal and professional growth
19 multi-part courses offering practical insight and motivation to do anything you want to do
Plus bonus slides, audio, and more to speed learning and results


Right now, for a limited time, you get access to the complete Empower library, all the classes, courses, and extras – instantly available and at your finger tips, 24/7.

PLUS, as a bonus, you get access to additional live 'action classes' and office hours with Linda and other life and business mentors throughout the year.

Linda could easily charge several thousand dollars for this level of training in, but right now you get access to everything in one sweet deal.

Here's what to do right now: Click the the secure 'Enroll in Empower' button on this page. Then you will see the checkout page to complete your purchase.

You'll get instant access to the Empower Library along with a special guide to help you maximize the value of the training. You'll also get a special Zoom link for all the office hours session in 2021.

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Make it the next thing you do.


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all the classes and courses
bonus content all year
monthly 'office hours'

Package available for a limited time

"Like the NetFlix® of God-Made Success Motivation, Training & Mentorship"

–Linda Fields


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