Don’t waste a precious minute…

Hey you, how are you doing?

Seems like we have the chance of a life time right now: the chance to examine our lives and how we spend our time, realize what’s precious, and reframe everything from personal life to work life. 

I came across this poster online today from the World War II era showing a hard working man sweating and getting things done. 


These posters were created to inspire and encourage home front war production and support, but we’re in a different kind of war over how we’ll be changed in these challenging times. 

This line jumped out at me as a message for 2020:  “Don’t waste a precious minute.” We’re still in this thing and each minute is precious.  This is the perfect time to reframe your life with what really matters. 

Action Steps:

  1. What’s one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
  2. What’s one step you can take today? It’s about momentum.
  3. Tell someone; tell me by simply hitting reply to this email and letting me know.

I heard an inspiring interview on Good Morning America with Peggy Rowe, 82 year old mother of Mike Rowe whose name you might recognize. Peggy just published her latest book with stories about her husband and at the close of the interview quipped to the world:  

“This is the perfect time to reframe your life.” 

 So if 82 year old Peggy can do it…so can you. 😉 

Love and Prayers, 
Linda Fields 

P.S. BTW, I’ve got a free FOCUS Challenge starting up next Monday to help with those Baby Steps. Email me for specifics if you want some company. (

P.S.S. We’re building a family of Spiritual Professionals, business people who pray and discover God’s ways of productivity together.  I love this and hope you do too.

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