Confidence to move Forward–your GPS for 2017

Goals, Plans and Systems of Confidence–your GPS.

Moving forward always starts with a dream or a goal of a future expectation. It’s like putting the address in your GPS and seeing your destination before you arrive. There’s an element of excitement just envisioning your arrival.

Then comes the plan or the route to travel…

In business you learn how to create a series of steps to take you toward your goal. The most challenging part of the journey, where most people get off track is when things get boring or difficult. After the excitement of setting out for a new destination wears off, we lay the route aside and begin meandering through life on a whim or the new exciting thing.  Then we wonder why we don’t reach the original destination.

Why do we so easily abandon our plans? One young professional called it FOMO… Fear of Missing Out that lures millennials off course.  But it happens to all generations. The irony of jumping ship too soon is that we have an illusion this decision is moving us forward when in reality it is deterring us from our original God-inspired destination.

So what’s the answer?

  1. Confidence in your Goals – Believe you have chosen a right and good destination for yourself.  After prayer and wise counsel, don’t look back.  Keep your eyes on the future goal and think about how exciting it will be to pursue a steady path for a year, 3 years, a decade. Think Longer term by envisioning the legacy you are building and how it’s worth pursuing with your life.
  2. Confidence in your Route – When you have a plan, stick to it. You will have margin to tweak and learn along the way. Breathe in and breathe out. Realize that a destination worth achieving requires a steady path of growth and achievement.
  3. Confidence to Systems  Execute your Plans – Daily consistency is a highly under-rated accelerator in your progress. When you do the small things that count every day for a quarter, a year, and longer, you will be amazed at the incremental progress that seems to come out of left field and you are suddenly in a much different place.

As Spiritual Professionals we have a hope and a confidence that will protect us from feeling we have to jump ship and try each new technique, follow each new guru, or else.

Those around you are looking for someone with a goal, a plan, and a system they are confidently demonstrating. What is your GPS for the next year? I recommend that you spend the time it takes to get clear about your Goal – your Future Reality. Write a paragraph describing what it looks like, feels like, tastes like. Make a list of steps to create your plan to arrive at your destination. Surround yourself with the right people and systems to help you make the goal reality.

I would love to hear you communicate where you are going with your goals, Tell me why it’s worth pursuing.

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