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The 5-Day Focus Challenge for Career Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners Who Pray

Uncommon Clarity, Focus, and Progress In Uncertain Times

The Focus Challenge with Linda Fields offers you a simple, proven path to greater clarity, focus, and progress without the overwhelm beginning in just five days. Let Linda guide you – Free to join...


Now more than ever it's important to have clarity, focus, and a plan so you can make progress and stay on track no matter what's going on in the world. This requires a different way of thinking and behaving. Discover the confident way forward in this 5-day challenge even if you feel stuck or stopped and don't know where to start. Perfect for business people, professionals, and entrepreneurs who know they have a higher calling to do God’s work every day in the marketplace.


Clarity, Focus, Progress in three simple steps

(1) First, you get insight and an action step from Linda each morning by email, 

(2) Second, we 'huddle' together over ZOOM with a group of like-minded others for 25-30 minutes of coaching to speed results plus Q&A, and 

(3) Third, you go live to share your progress and encourage others in the private Facebook Group. You'll be amazed at how much more we can accomplish together. No one left behind.

Meet Linda Fields

Linda Fields, a featured Charisma Leader, teaches and coaches God-made success, leadership, and purposeful productivity for spiritual professionals: everyday people in the workplace who love and serve Jesus with excellence in all of life.

5 Days to Clarity, Focus, Progress

Productivity for Faith-Based Professionals and Entrepreneurs Made Simple

Day 1

Your breakthrough begins with a simple shift in your mindset and the way you work. Banish false beliefs, move from uncertainty to confidence.

Day 2

Create your Unique Life Focus statement. Learn to rise to the top by leveraging your unique assets: (strengths, talents, and gifts).

Day 3

Discover your 'power alley.' Create an action plan for success. Align your goals with your gifts to excel in all you do.

Day 4

Use this daily practice to advance your goals, stay connected to God, and end each day with joy and satisfaction.

Day 5

Conquer the struggles that have thrown you off course in the past; Move forward with heroic passion and progress.

Bonus Day

Additional training and coaching, plus special recognition.

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