Call for Josephs to Arise

What’s your Joseph Story?

God is raising up an army of Spiritual Professionals (Josephs) for this next great movement of the marketplace right in the middle of the COVID19 crisis. 
This means YOU!

Joseph suffered great loss, accusation, and harm yet emerged as the leader God destined to help others in the hour of need.  He had a plan.

No matter what you’ve been through or are going through, this has prepared you to excel and move forward at this truly unprecedented time in the earth. God’s got a plan for you.

I’m convening a group ONLINE this Saturday called BOOTCAMP2020   (Truth is we’ve gone beyond bootcamp and are deployed for action right in the middle of a war on the globe called COVID19) and we’re in the fight of our lives.  The needs and opportunities to help others are everywhere. 

What is your role? In this 1 day event we’ll help you define your vision and role and bring your ideas into action. Strengthen your business goals so you can strengthen others.

Whether you own a business, work in a corporation or government, or lead a ministry or community effort you have the invitation as a Joseph to awaken to your call to a new level in this moment of history.  

Will you join me? …bring your questions, obstacles, and dreams …play the process with others to move past overwhelm into confidence…move forward with an action plan and a path forward.

Register now to join me at BOOTCAMP2020 for a day to change your life and the lives of those you love and serve.
This means YOU!

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

P.S. Register TODAY and gain access to Pre-BOOTCAMP webinar where I’ll open my heart to you on what I see as your finest hour in this troubled time.

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