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Eyes brimming with tears, Mark took the index card scribbled with lies and forcefully thrust it into the fire. He could hardly believe that the lie had cost him 20 years of his dream.

Relief washed over him with waves of emotion as he separated himself from the limiting beliefs that had held him back far too long. Breakthrough.

Each year, I work with a small group of people ready for significant growth and promotion. We gather as a group a few times throughout the year in locations away from the daily grind.

This time we met at a country estate near Kansas City.

Everyone arrived full of anticipation mixed with uncertainty as they surveyed their new surroundings. Each person needed to get past barriers that were blocking progress, and move confidently into the next stage of their life assignment.

We opened with prayer and a series of intentional agreements for success. Then, one by one, each person began to open up. We ate meals together, laughed, cried, presented our ideas, thought, journaled, walked, and prayed.

Over that weekend something wonderful happened.

A 55 year old man took back a dream stolen in his 20’s.

Another professional felt free to release deep emotional pain.

Everyone took a major step forward.

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life and work?

Here are three keys to help:

3 Keys to Get Your Breakthrough

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(1) First, believe its possible — for you.

We’ve all had the experience of going to a conference and seeing others get a word, receiving healing or experience a breakthrough. We walk away thinking, “what about me?”

The challenge for many of us is that we believe all things are possible with God, but we often struggle to believe its possible for us. This is one of the amazing things that happens in our events, people rise up, believe and reach… and God responds is amazing ways.

But you don’t have to wait any longer, believe now, forgive, release fear and receive the breakthrough God has for you today.

(2) Second, resist isolation. 

It’s so easy to isolate ourselves, especially when things get tough. But often your answer lies within someone else. It’s by God’s design that we get in strategic conversations with others where destiny is clarified and worked out.

Listen, all it takes is the right conversation to help us see it differently, shift our thinking and break us free from the chains that hold us back. But you never know how to ask for it or get it in the normal course of conversation.

To hear God through others, you’ve got to be open and willing to step outside your comfort zone and put yourself in situations where these kind of conversations happen more often: home groups, meet-ups, conferences, seminars, mastermind groups, and even “chance” encounters at the coffee shop.

(3) Third, make room in your life for your future.

We all have dreams. We all want to believe deep down inside that we can achieve our goals and make a difference in the world. But for far too many of us, our dreams are drowning in the frustrations and routines of daily life.

We’re all busy. We fool ourselves into thinking that if we just grind it out, one day… but one day never seems to come. If you want a breakthrough, you must make room in your life for your future. This means praying when you don’t have time and getting together with other like-minded people when you don’t have time.

Look, successful people don’t have time, they make time.

Breakthrough is coming…

Your life can change for the better. That’s bold claim and I know it’s true because I’ve experienced it. If you know you’re ready to get your breakthrough, and you know you want to work with me personally this year, this is for you.

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5 thoughts on “Get Your Breakthrough”

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      It is good to hear from you and I appreciate your comment. I know you are helping many get their breakthrough.
      Thank you for pointing out that we need to move past fear.
      Let’s do it!


  1. Dear Linda,
    Yes, your articles – – prayers – – tools – – groups, esp. the Monday Morning KickStart call – – are very helpful. I am actively working hard to believe for and receive my Breakthrough. Breakthrough has been happening by degrees throughout this year. I look foward to the Webinar. If my schedule doesn’t fit with the timing I expect I can watch in Archives somewhere.

    God bless you Linda!

    1. Amanda,

      Breakthrough is often a matter of small decisions that feel big at the time.
      Congratulations on taking it one step at a time. Important to keep moving forward.
      Bless you,

  2. I love that story! It’s never too late to pick up our dream where we left it, dust it off and run with it like the wind… It takes courage, it takes committed comrades. Mark found both! And now… he’s unstoppable. 🙂

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