Breakthrough to Launch Out

I’m coming to Houston, Texas to bring a Breakthrough experience because Houston is where astronauts are trained to launch and God’s people are due to be launched out into destinies and callings in this time.

When you find yourself at a stand still, a dead end, a place where you are stuck and going no further without a miracle… you are ripe for a BREAKTHROUGH.

Today you need a breakthrough in your destiny because all hell rages against the destiny of a man or woman who is going to go the distance with Jesus to bring your unique difference into the world where God has planted you.  This is true of CEO’s, coffee baristas, and everyone on the front lines of the marketplace. It’s true for every pastor, every leader, every Mom, every person single or married, divorced or widowed, young and old…

We need all kinds of Breakthrough in life. Society rages and rants and the devil plans to sideline you, nullify your message, and cause you to abort your calling…

But God wants you to Breakthrough and Launch out for such a time as this.

I believe God has a miracle for you just like the story in the recently released movie called Breakthrough where a boy’s life was at stake and against all odds, His mother prayed… and God performed a miracle.

You too are destined for Breakthrough!  There’s a group of people rising up in regions all over the United States and the world who are hearing a call to be all that God has called you to be. We can help you move past what’s holding you back just as we’ve helped many to step into their callings and dreams with Jesus.

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