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Diane Bickle, Real Estate Industry Leader
 "How to make Necessary SHIFTS in Unstable Environments"

Allison and Tom Cartwright, Inventors  and Implementors
Getting it Done"

Nick Beecher, Media Industry Leader Charisma

"The Importance of telling your STORY in BIZ"

SPECIAL UPDATE FROM LINDA: Join in Live From Anywhere
Get your Breakthrough in Uncertain Times 

You've got an idea, a dream in your heart, a difference you want to make.

Let me help you take Action!

The Coach for Spiritual Professionals

Unlocking vision and passion in professionals from every walk of life to get unstuck and move forward! Your business and dreams deserve attention so you can thrive and bring real results you're dreaming of today.

Experience real change for Yourself. 
April 18, 2020 


Update Your Life Assignment in Uncertain Times

We will give you the tools, coaching, and support

You need to put your vision into action

Monique's Breakthrough Story


Step 1

Get crystal clear on your core vision so that you are empowered when opportunity knocks to advance your vision.


Step 2

Create a plan so you can run with your vision. Set milestones and gather your resources to win.


Step 4

Learn principles required to succeed God's way. Create a plan to prosper by seeing the value you bring when you genuinely serve the needs of your clients, team members, and family.


Step 5

Build your team by drawing those who have integrated gifts and callings so that you all go further together. Learn to encourage people in their power alley strengthening the whole team.


Step 6

Lead with your strengths. Gather the leadership tools you will need to overcome challenges and execute a sustainable vision over time.


Step 6

Experience life-giving community that trumps going at it alone. Ground your plans in timeless values of generosity, prayer, prophetic understanding, and humility.

Our Promise

​If you are not thrilled with your Breakthrough Event receiving tools, teaching, and help to move forward in your life and plan, our team will cheerfully refund your purchase when you email your request by April 18. You will receive the makings of your breakthrough as I've been learning, praying, failing, and winning for decades and am bringing you the best lessons of my journey of God-made success; of course, your progress is up to you and how you put these lessons into practice.  I'll do my part and you do yours and we are a winning team. True Tribe is a mounting movement of world changers and we welcome you to plug in and go with us, changing the world one person at a time. Linda Fields

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What Others Are Saying

"It was at a ripe moment for me ... I attended a 7M-pact conference where Linda challenged us with the mentoring power of books.. I think my hand was the first that shot up when it came time for a commitment in one year to write a book.  It took closer to 16 months, and I wrote a course and a book!"


"I’ve been given the visual aspect to be able to dream again and to release the things that God has downloaded on the inside of me to be able to talk about those dreams with other aspiring Christians and entrepreneurs in the marketplace. It’s been phenomenal! As I leave this conference, I am inspired, empowered, and I have permission granted to go forth and to do all the things that God has called me to do."


"Every prayer that was prayed over me while I was here was exactly what I was struggling with--the fear of being vocal in front of people and preaching the Word and just letting the Holy Spirit talk. Giving that fear away was so uplifting and a weight off my shoulders. I feel changed to go back and impact as many people as I can and work with the guys I got under me in the company I work for and help them make their dreams come true!"



Where is the event held?

ONLINE in the convenience of your home or home office! Details will come in your Event Guide when you register.

What will I need to access the online event?

You will receive specific log in instructions when you register for Breakthrough Bootcamp. You will need access to the internet, a Facebook account, and a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

When does the event begin and end?

 Saturday, April 18 10 AM TO 10 PM.

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