I didn’t see this coming… 

And I’m still in a bit of a whirlwind over how suddenly the things I’ve prayed for and worked for over the years are appearing right before my eyes.

I’m on the cover of CHARISMA DIGITAL magazine. Gulp! Below is the intro to my segment. Give it a read and click on over to to finish it!

Some Charisma readers may first recognize Linda Fields as a prayer leader for the
International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) in Kansas City, Missouri. For over a decade
faithfully, every Monday at 6 a.m., Fields leads prayer in IHOPKC’s Global Prayer Room
for thousands of people attending in-person and digitally through the live stream.

But though her organization, 7M-pact, is officially affiliated with IHOPKC, Fields says
she views the business world and the marketplace as her true mission field. It’s a field
she feels specially called to impact, and she feels God has equipped her to do it.

She may be an unusual choice. Her road to boardrooms was far from straightforward.

“I miraculously survived a devastating house fire as a young teenager,” Fields says.
“Doctors said that I should have died or been crippled for life. But God had other plans.
I went from those kinds of dirt road beginnings to finding myself at the top,
spearheading a multimillion-dollar organization of training and coaching executives and
entrepreneurs. Honestly, few people back in that day expected a woman to be at the head
of an organization of that size and scale. In the business world, I often found myself
being the only woman at a table of men. But strangely enough, I didn’t think about it.
It didn’t seem like a thing. I knew I had been chosen for this role for a reason, and I
loved it.”

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